A dream wedding,   is it possible to plan a  wedding now?  So, with this pandemic, many couples have been wondering what next?   If you’re a couple thinking of having your destination wedding in Italy for this period, then here’s some advice for you.

What's running in Italy about Covid?

Okay, first, let’s get some facts out of the way. Italy was one of the first countries in Europe to take these pandemic restrictions really seriously. They quickly applied the regulations against spreading the inspection caused by Covid.

The Italian government reacted immediately and was determined to avoid an unsustainable number.  You can see this decree (DPCM published in the Italian Official Gazette:

Every region of Italy applied local standards against Covid-19 too. It was on this basis that Italy was finally able to get to the point of hope. With a ministerial decree in summer 2020 it was possible to get married in Italy with some light restrictions.

Anti Covid- 19 Measures

Vaccination is running well and figures are now comfortable. The Italian government decided from 15 June that all regions of Italy will be at a yellow or white alert level. It means that even all restaurants are open.

All flights from Europe will be free without a quarantine period.
It is required the Green Pass which means  Vaccinated or a 48 hours test.
Official information updated at Italian Health minister web site

Weddings in Italy Anti Covid-19 restrictions

If you plan to have your wedding in Italy in 2021, the following advice from wedding planners will be beneficial. As a specialist in destination weddings, here at Luxury Wedding Sicily, I am taking into consideration all weddings in 2021. I am mainly keeping an eye out for COVID-19 prevention measures. Here are some great ideas you could adopt.

  • Outdoor Ceremonies and Reception

These are indicated to plan for weddings and parties. In ceremonies, the use of outdoor spaces is preferable, but the right precautions are needed. In the summer season of 2020, Guests could wear the mask indoors, specifically when they were not seated at the table, and outdoors, if it was impossible to respect the distance of at least 1 meter. We may need to do the same for 2021.

You may not use the mask if all your guests have the Green Pass (Vaccinated of 48 hours test) .

If you’re planning a religious ceremony, like in a church, open-air churches are recommended. You can also have a symbolic ceremony outdoors. If this is not possible and you must have an indoor ceremony, the minimal distance between guests must be 1m. You also have to plan this for guests on the left, right, front, and back.

This will not change the quality of your wedding.

In  Sicily, summertime weddings are all outdoors. Sicily offers so many outdoor spaces for ceremony as Church San Giovanni in Siracusa or ancient open-air Theaters or Greek ruins, amazing private beaches, outstanding green areas in exclusive Villas …. etc. Planning a dream destination wedding in the post-Covid -19 period you can add Italy and Sicily to your wish list.

Covid Prevention Measures for Catering

Weddings in Italy in Summer 2020 with Covid 19 problem, banquets were allowed for wedding celebrations only on the condition that specific rules are applied and respected. Some of these rules were:

  • A guaranteed one-meter distance between guests seated at the same table.
  • Buffets, but only if the food is administered by the staff in charge, therefore, no self-service by the guests.
  • Operators had to wear a mask throughout the banquet and must have the Green Pass.
  • Guests had to wear masks when they are not seated at the table.

For 2021, it’s smart to plan in advance the seating for guests. The tables for families can be round or rectangular, but we have to avoid planning one imperial table for all guests. The self-service model cannot be possible. It can, however, be allowed for buffets made exclusively with products packaged in single-dose or better services by vases by waiters. Table service is preferable to avoid gatherings.

So, what does this pandemic mean for weddings in 2021 when it comes to catering? Well, for starters, your wedding cocktail will have to be planned with finger food and show cooking corners. In my opinion, as a wedding consultant, the wedding day is the most important day of your life, and it is not appropriate to plan the self-service option. Self-service buffets are not a must for the importance of celebration as the wedding day is!!! Wedding buffets served by guests always create crowds.

The guest will appreciate much better served by waiters at the table in Italian style than running with plates to hunt something to eat! Italy and Italian already create a relaxing, casual, but elegant atmosphere. Show cooking corners / in front of guests are beautiful and can be served by one Chef in mono -portions. Your guests will love it!

Weddings in Italy mean an unforgettable, relaxing atmosphere in luxurious and prestigious, beautiful places and it is possible to plan a destination wedding here with Covid 19 precautions.

Precautions to Planning Wedding in Italy

  • How to Travel in Italy

COVID-19 measures in Italy are changing.  If you intend to travel, please find information that is up to date. You’ll have to be a little more careful when it comes to traveling in 2021. As soon as the conditions to go on holiday will be happily restored, remember to follow the updates from the Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and Viaggiare Sicuri website.

Remember to respect hygienic precautions, keep social distances, and check which movements are allowed before leaving. And do not forget that all the holidays booked have special government protection relating to the “Reimbursement of travel and tourist packages,” “by issuing a voucher of the same amount.”

You have planned a wedding in Italy already. In that case, you must keep yourself updated continuously through the official Viaggiare Sicuri webpage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Traveling rules vary, depending on the country of origin or destination and the reasons for traveling.

Actually with the Green Pass (vaccinated or 48hours test) you can travel.

How to Plan Destinations Wedding in Italy with Covid

In planning your destination wedding in Italy, these are some of the things to take into consideration. The rate of COVID infections is information you absolutely must have to plan a wedding in Italy with a wedding planner.

This is necessary because of know-how, national and local measures anti-Covid, and experiences. Choose a wedding planner specialized in destinations wedding/marriage abroad. They are the right wedding planner for you and will know what to do. Plan to book a wedding venue with a local wedding planner

For summer 2021, plan your wedding date on working days (weekends, especially Friday and Saturday, are overbooked by postponed couples from 2020). If you are aiming for spring/summer 2022, you need to book a venue now to get a good date as a weekend Friday, or Saturday.

Remember that your wedding Planner is the first vendor you need to contact because they’ll give you:

–  Advice, recommendations
–  Consulting
– They’ll check out your venue selection in terms of availability or capacity of the spaces. They’ll also make sure that there are enough Covid-19 precautionary measures

The wedding industry will expect the high request in 2022, so it’s better to plan a destination wedding within October  (in summertime/ weddings seasons, venues/vendors will be jam-packed outdoors)

Your wedding is entirely up to you. You can plan and hold it despite the many restrictions due to this pandemic. We’ve seen lots of couples have an exceptional wedding recently. Just make sure you work with the right wedding planner to resolve how to do your planning with restrictions or, and hopefully with the forthcoming vaccine, without.  Best of luck!!!