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Many couples try to choose different destinations for their big day and a wedding of dreams. Are you one of those couples?  Are you looking for a destination wedding abroad? A Wedding in Italy is the answer.

While you browse the wedding planning journey to make your dream comes true and look for the best wedding destinations,  remember Italy is one of those amazing destinations. Italy is indeed a beautiful place that can captivate anyone’s heart. And it’s a perfect destination for your big day that is much close to your heart. A luxury venue, good food, and a lot of cute pictures and moments are what weddings are about.

Destinations play a role in making your wedding ‘perfect’. They are the depiction of your moods, emotions, and feelings. There is a refreshing perspective on everything that is Italian.

Italy is incomparable as a wedding destination and you need no introduction to the beauties that Italy holds. The history and cultural heritage of Italy are one of its kind. Name a type of wedding venue and Italy has it. Be it villas, resorts, beautiful coastlines, or breath-taking landscapes. Italy is a one-stop place. There is no better location for your “I do” moment than Italy.

The ancient historical sites and the beautiful captivating landscapes make Italy a popular choice for couples for their big day. Modern-day buildings or old traditional monuments, all preserve the culture and traditions of Italy. For the beautiful backdrops of your wedding, you have sea, lakes, mountains, planes, nature, or refreshing coasts that add to the beauty of your big day.

There are many safe and enchanting places where you can plan your luxury wedding in Italy. But the question arises where to plan your wedding in Italy?

Where to Plan weddings in Italy?

Italy doesn’t need any introduction and presentation when it comes to being a wedding destination. The beauty, history, and cultural heritage of Italy can leave anybody amazed and fascinated. Italy offers wedding ideas for every style, budget, and imagination. Also, we must prefer that you should not lose your cool amongst all the gorgeous locations like  RomeFlorenceVenice, Amalfi, and Tuscany.

But apart from these famous places, going for unusual locations, a beauty still undiscovered,  can be a different experience as well. So, choosing Italy for a themed wedding,  to make your wedding dream come true, will be the best decision.  It is also the perfect destination for your honeymoon as well where you can enjoy the beautiful days of your life.


Tuscany wedding destination It’s a classical country destination that can fulfill the dream of the couple. The city of art with rolling wheat hills, dotted by poppies and sunflowers is a perfect frame for the couples keen on a country wedding.

Lake Como wedding destination: It holds elegance and charm that will make you feel like a prince and princess. Magnificent villas and hotels are the choices for weddings.

Venice wedding destination: It’s a blend of romanticism and elegance and doesn’t need an introduction. If you are keen on big elegant wedding receptions, Venice would be incredibly perfect. Grand Hotels and Grand Canals in Venice allows you to celebrate your special day overlooking one of the best panoramas in the world.

Amalfi Coast wedding destination: It’s a top Italian destination for sure. The breathtaking views of the deep blue sea, yellow lemon trees, cliffs, and perched little villages with vibrant colors and warm seaside weather help you make your wedding an ideal wedding. The Tirreno Sea, Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi. Rock coast and high peaks are a treat to eyes. Plan your wedding in a wonderful villa here by the sea and shores and it will definitely be a luxurious exclusive experience.

Florence: Weddings in Florence are a unique experience altogether. The Grand Tuscan hotels and the romantic Boboli gardens are ideal as a wedding location.

Rome: The eternal city of Rome is quite famous as a wedding place. A destination for a romantic elope with great wedding photos in front of the famous landmarks of the city. Rome is amazing and hosts amazing traditional ceremonies.

Verona: The city of lovers can make your day of love beautiful. It’s one of the most romantic cities in Italy. A civil ceremony close by Romeo and Juliet’s balcony and the outdoor Opera in the famous Verona Arena. You and your loved ones could not forget the ultimate romantic experience.s winter wedding.

Italian Riviera: It’s amongst one of the amazing wedding destinations in Italy for poetic views and amazing panoramas. Portofino is the first location that comes to our mind regarding wedding destinations. A wedding ceremony overlooking the sea under the stars is a dream for the bride and groom.

Lake Orta: A romantic and intimate choice for lovers. Outdoor wedding receptions here are popular and contribute to completing the frame of the ‘perfect wedding portrait’.

Lake Maggiore: A charming lake can be one of the ideal wedding in Italy as it has some grand and historical leading hotels, lush gardens, and a village atmosphere.

Umbria: A perfect destination for a country wedding by the lake that has two fantastic medieval villages of central Italy. Your wedding here would be covered by a spectacular view of country hills.

Apulia: It’s the heel of Italy with sandy beaches, a wonderful blue sky, and sea, a romantic atmosphere or lovely beach resorts, and an amazing village to explore. The traditional Apulia buildings and renewed mansions where you can plan your luxurious ceremony and get married.

Lake Garda: It’s famous for the spectacular Mediterranean flair with Italian style gardens and breathtaking views. The colorful and traditional atmosphere of the nearby places can leave you amazed and will give you a spectacular experience if you decide to get married here.

Alps and Dolomite: It’s an ideal destination for winter weddings. A frosty and winter wonderland atmosphere is beautiful for weddings. The churches and town halls in mountain villages made of stones are a perfect spot for a romantic wedding ceremony. It’s an opportunity for a real adventurous winter wedding.


In terms of wedding destinations and locations, Italy is yet to be discovered. There are amazing locations to lighten up the mood of your whole wedding just by looking at the beautiful landscapes and destinations nearby.

Italy can be your dream destination where you can plan your fairytale wedding leaving your loved ones and guests amazed.

Amalfi, Florence, and Tuscany are the ideal luxury wedding destinations that couples choose for making their big day a dream. We have discussed some famous cities like Venice and Rome for wedding destinations but there is more to Italy.


You must be wondering why I am opting for Sicily over other famous breathtaking locations. The enchanting island of Sicily is now listed as the 2nd worldwide places to visit in 2020. I am not saying this, but it is said by Forbes. So why not plan your wedding at a destination that is regarded as 2nd best place to visit? Also, Sicily is one of the best places with some amazing venue choices as well.

As we know, Italy is rich and unique and it is still flooded with unique destinations that can be the “luxury” venue for your big day. And, Sicily is one of them. There is no doubt that Como Lake, Tuscany, or Venice are beautiful places but Sicily is also one of the best Italian wedding destinations. It has plenty of gorgeous venues, amazing backdrops, stunning landscapes, and wide history. It’s famous for weddings in Italy too with an unestimated Arab, Greek, and Roman heritage. It also delivers high-end wedding services surrounded by the beautiful and stunning Mediterranean Sea and equally beautiful and refreshing Mediterranean weather.

This enchanting and captivating island offers a perfect wedding experience. The huge backdrops, setting ready for Luxury Rustic or Beach weddings, or romantic or traditional garden and outdoor events with the Sicilian summerBarocLove Godfather touchesGreen VibesRed Carpet weddings, Winery, Vintage or even The Big Blue experience for divers. Sicily is the land of traditions and stunning landscapes that can amaze anybody.



How can I help you with your wedding in Italy?

I am an experienced wedding planner in Sicily and I offer the high-end wedding planning services in Sicily. I have luxury wedding planner packages that are affordable and will make your dreams and fantasy a reality. I will help you in grabbing a chic wedding location that is perfect for your big day. And, my wedding planning services will make sure that you get what you desire. I will keep your wishes in my mind while planning for making your dream day a reality.

I will ensure that your wedding experience is unique and unforgettable. I am dedicated to a fairytale wedding in Italy that breathe fresh air in the atmosphere with love and romance. I work for couples in love with love and all my passion.

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