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 How much doest a wedding cost in Sicily ? How much takes Wedding Planner ? The budget frame for simbolic ceremony & reception for 100 guests in Sicily .

How much does a wedding cost in Sicily ? 
The biggest cost depends on many factors:
- the region of Italy for example very expensive venues in Como Lake or Venice 
-type of wedding venue for reception and accommodation 
- number of guests  
-your personal choise for entertainment and wedding decorations

  Let’ talk about one of the top destination weddings in Italy -Sicily. Sicily and Sicilian venues offer luxury affordable and top luxury weddings solutions. First step to plan your dream wedding or special celebration is a Wedding Planner consultant who will help you to choose the perfect venue - tailored to your needs and your budget. The best local Wedding Planner can design your prewedding cerebrations, your fabulous ceremony and reception in very creative way. Sicilian venues are reach of breathtaking views for your outdoor, amazing ceremony: in front the sea, on the beach or country-side with Etna view.  Wedding Planner can help you to rent a boat for your bridal shower or Mehndi, plan your welcome dinner in beach club, rural winery or Gala Dinner in prestige exclusive baroque palace in some tiny Sicilian village or organize top party in Panarea Island.  
How much does a wedding cost  in Sicily in 2019 ?   The costs of marriage are very variable based on numbers of guests, the season- regarding guests’ accommodations and fly to Catnia or Palermo and your personal choice for type of: menu, entertainment and decorations. The cost of luxury affordable wedding reception following symbolic ceremony in Sicily for 100 guests starts from:  
-rental  venue  € 2,500 
- wedding menu average €135 
- celebrant  ceremony  €500 
- rental space ceremony  €700 
- flowers &decorations   € 1,700 
- bridal make up& hair  €800 
- Photographer  € 1,500  
- Videographer  € 1300 
- Band or DJ set  € 1000 
- Tableau marriage, RSVP  € 900 
- Car rental  € 600 
- Wedding planner € 2.500, 00   

TOTAL COSTS =  €27.500, 00  
Plese note that the prices are very indicative 
Accommodation, transfers, bridal gown and rings not included  
Wedding planner consulting and day coordination can be estimate from 10 or 15 % of total budget or relation time spending and skills. Please note that Wedding Planner is not a venue / location seller. Wedding Planner is a consultant and represent your interests. Do you dream about luxury wedding in Sicily ? Avoid packages and wedding do it yourself! When hotels, locations or travel agency are going to sell you wedding packages remember that all included can not have a good quality! Find a prefect Wedding Planner who understands your needs and let’s start planning your dream wedding in Italy and Sicily. Amore Italy is waiting for you.    


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How much does a wedding cost in Sicily ?

03/03/2019, 16:12


How much doest a wedding cost in Sicily ? How much takes Wedding Planner ? The budget frame for simbolic ceremony & reception for 100 guests in Sicily .

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