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 Orthodox ceremony in Sicily Wedding Planner help . Taormina for your ortodox marriage with wedding planner . Ordodox churches in Messina, Catania, Siracusa, Caltanissetta, Palermo .

There is no other type of a faith wedding like a GreekOrthodox wedding ceremony. Amazing, vibrant, very decorative, and beautifullyemotional. The Greek Orthodox Church constitutes a traditionalecclesiastical presence on Italian soil. Upon initiative of the EcumenicalPatriarchate of Constantinople, she began once again, during the 20th century,to organize herself in a compact ecclesiastical entity: initially, as anExarchate of the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain (1922-1963), andthen as an Exarchate of the Archdiocese of Austria-Hungary (1963-1991), beforea proper archdiocesan see was finally created for the Orthodox of Italy in thehistoric "Campo dei Greci" in Venice.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy aims atproviding spiritual care to the Orthodox Christians of the country by means ofcreating parishes, churches, monasteries, societies and philanthropicassociations, as well as institutions for the training of the Clergy anf forthe religious education of the Orthodox youth. Another important aim of theArchdiocese is to develope ecumenical ties with other Christian Churches andConfessions which are active in the country so as to contribute to the cause ofrestoring unity amongst all Christians.At the time of the creation of the Greek OrthodoxArchdiocese of Italy there were eight Greek Orthodox church communities : brotherhoods, communities, parishes in whole country.  In Sicily are ortodox churches  inMessina, Catania, Caltanissetta, Siracusa, Palermo ane Piana dei Albanesi. ByzantineRite Roman CatholicsIn Sicily, the Albanian communities established by emigres (refugees from theOttoman expansion into the Balkans) in the late 1400s were composed of OrthodoxChristians. By that time, Sicily was almost exclusively Roman Catholic. Withina few decades, these Albanian parishes were "Uniate." In other words,they were Roman Catholic congregations under the pope. As the Byzantine liturgywas retained, the Albanian Catholics "seem" Orthodox externally,especially because their churches, icons, vestments and other features arealmost identical to those of the Orthodox. The defining point here is that,regardless of its historical or liturgical traditions or practices, a dioceseunder Papal (Vatican) authority is not Orthodox, it is Roman Catholic, andfollows Roman Catholic doctrine.Today, the Byzantine Catholics in Sicilysometimes claim to be Orthodox. In fact, their main church -the medievalMartorana in central Palermo, though decorated with splendid mosaic icons andconsidered as "Orthodox" during Norman rule early in the twelfthcentury, was given to the Diocese of Piana degli Albanesi only a few decadesago. The diocese of the Albanian Catholics in Sicily has no direct historicalcontinuity from the island’s medieval Orthodox community.  

Plan you vibrant ortodox ceremony with wedding plannerwho helps you choosing the church or venue for your ortodox marriage. It ispossible to plan an ortodox ceremony in some catolic churches also in Taormina  or at location.Please contact me for more informations.   


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Orthodox ceremony in Sicily Wedding Planner help . Taormina for your ortodox marriage with wedding planner . Ordodox churches in Messina, Catania, Siracusa, Caltanissetta, Palermo .

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