BIO WEDDING IN ITALY: Eco-Friendly event in Sicily

A Bio Green wedding in Italy is the next big thing. The reason why is not farfetched from the need to protect the environment around us. Many couples now feel the need to keep their wedding on the ecofriendly side, and we support this. Bio Green wedding in Italy is a real possibility. It would be distinctive, romantic, and intimate.

What’s more, you can have this kind of luxury green wedding in a bucolic venue with a private beach in Sicily. Have you been considering bio wedding destination in Italy?

Here are some great ideas and an example of an eco-friendly wedding that happened in Sicily to keep in mind.

Eco friendly Romantic Wedding in Sicily Italy Tonnara di Scopello Venue
eco friendly wedding in italy sicily planner tonnara
biowedding planner italy sicily venue sea beach tonnara
eco friendly wedding italy sicily venue sea tonnara

THE INITIAL CONCEPT of a Green Wedding in Italy

One thing about bio wedding in Italy is that it is unique. Your bio wedding will be distinctive and not the usual run-of-the-mill celebration. The couple’s initial concept should be to have a memorable and unique wedding planned by a good green wedding planner. Brides and grooms that plan an eco-friendly wedding in Sicily usually have the following wishes.

This is a sample of a request that a couple made:

  • bio wedding that has a natural feel. Like a home party.
  • A special venue that is also unconventional. That means no villas, no hotels, and no common solutions
  • It could be a three-day event. Day one for the welcome dinner, day two for the wedding day ceremony and reception, and a boat tour for the guests on day three. The first two days could have lazy hours on the private beach and long outdoor breakfasts.
  • A wine list that is personally selected by the bride.
  • Only candles as decoration.
  • Only necessary lighting and no color lights.
  • No classic Gala dinner.
  • No flowers except for the bride’s bouquet.
  • Acoustic music where possible.
  • No wedding cake or glam food.
  • Natural materials, eco-friendly wooden furniture, and ceramic Sicilian plates.
  • A ceremony and reception outdoors. This couple sadly had to move their ceremony and half of their reception inside due to rain. Their wedding planner handled this as it was written in their day coordination plan right from the beginning. The wedding planner also dealt with the floor plan and interior space management of tables and seating. Working with a core team of dedicated vendors made it possible to move the furniture, décor elements, and lights quickly.
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Bio Rustic Romantic Wedding in Sicily Italy
wedding in italy sicily venue sea beach rustic tonnara scopello ecofriendly bio wedding planner
wedding in italy sicily venue sea tonnra scopello bio wedding planner ecofriendly ceremony rustic

THE DREAMY GREEN Wedding Venue in Italy

This bride and groom choose to have their bio wedding at Tuna Museum – Tonnara di Scopello in Sicily. It is immersed in a protected natural reserve known as “Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro” (close to Palermo). Tonnara di Scopello is a private museum & rustic resort immersed in natural Reserve Dello Zingaro close to Palermo in Sicily Island, one of the cleanest and beautiful beach area in Italy.  The history of this place is a unique testimony of the tradition of tuna fishing.

The complex, naturally protected by the two stacks, was also guarded by two watchtowers, one from the Middle Age and the other from the 15th century. Recently Tonnara was a filming location for famous movies as Ocean Twelve or Detective Montalbano.

wedding in italy sicily bio wedding planner piano music tonnara scopello band
wedding in italy sicily venue sea rustic beach tonnara di scopello bio wedding planner eco wine
wedding in italy sicily eco bio wedding planner chef rustic outdoor venue green vibes cooking

This place is an amazing: clean area with wild cliffs with many romantic natural beaches. This bucolic bio wedding venue is so beautiful that it does not need wedding decorations. It also has stunning views. They choose this venue because it is unconventional as a museum. It is also a bit challenging to plan a 3-day event here, but we were able to pull it off.

The Tonnara has special conditions for those who intend to hold their events there, they are:

  • Portage is only by hand (no mechanical allowed)
  • There are no access tracks inside
  • There are also time restrictions with hours for delivery and vendors etc.
wedding in italy in sicily venue sea beach rustic bio wedding planner green slow chef michelin tonnara di scopello eco friendly
green wedding in italy sicily rustic venue sea tonnara di scopello bio wedding planner candles 
green wedding in italy in sicily rustic venue tonnara di scopello 

A couple planning their bio wedding in Italy at this venue requires a good bio wedding planner to help coordinate the day smartly. Mainly because the Tonnara lacks the following:

  • No big kitchen
  • No indoor catering facilities
  • No chairs and tables
  • No-wash water access for catering
  • No kitchen with equipment for catering
  • No wine cellar and coolers

However, despite all these, Tonnara is a dreamy rustic location.  This place is perfect for bio green wedding in Italy. It offers accommodation, a private beach, outdoor and indoor space for an intimate ceremony with an astonishing Sicily view!   It is also located on the Sicilian beautiful coast, which is rich in bucolic, amazing venues as Tonnara. A wedding venue located in front of the crystal, clean sea with space for ceremony, reception and accommodation is an eco-friendly solution because it’s not necessary to plan extra transfers and all guests can stay at the someplace and have a lot of fun.

green wedding in italy sicily slow food catering cooking show tonnara di scopello 
green wedding in italy sicily bio planner rustic band music american vintage country bluegrass blues jazz
green wedding in italy in sicily  tonnara di scopello venue villa luxury wedding planner dolce gabbana 
green wedding in italy in sicily rustic venue villa sea beach outdoor

Here are some things that this resort offers:

  • Accommodation only
  • Access to private beach and terrace
  • Bucolic catholic historical church
  • Outdoor Space –ceremony and reception in different areas
  • Indoor Space –2 separately halls for intimate indoor reception

The bride gave her vision to cater to this green wedding, and the wedding planner carried it out. The choice of vendor for this 3-day catering service was the nearest Chef Michelin stared because of guaranteed bioproducts.  It also included DOC specialty and professional service of the staff. The mode of preparation was also significant because no electrical devices were used. There were also many show cooking corners with live cooking in front of guests.

Slow food used at this bio wedding in Italy:

  • Homemade: pasta, bread, and pizza with ancient Sicilian grains (Tumminia e Maiorca) grinded at the stone mill, all levitation 72h.
  • Local fish of the season, fished by traditional local fisher
  • Vegetables and aromatic herbs – own production of vendor km 0
  • Local Wine from leading vineyards as Planeta or smaller family production as Occhipinti (with biodynamic production) of Sicily selected personally by the bride.
  • DOC products: Sicilian liquors as Moscato or amaro, cheese ricotta, almond from Noto, capers Ustica, pistachio Bronte.

The rules for bio green wedding planning in case of our catering were clear: no use of electric devices! All dishes were prepared in a really traditional way: cooked and grilled in wooden and carbon by Michelin Chef. This part of the bio wedding was very attractive to guests to watch outdoor cooking life.

green wedding in italy sicily  cooking rustic mood green slow

Bio Wedding in Italy & Day of Coordination

The furniture and Mise in place were ordered to last for three days bio wedding. Since there was no washing machine at the venue and no tracks, it wasn’t advisable to send and bring back each day. The distance was also too far for such navigation. Here are some of the special rentals that were ordered for three days for this  eco friendly wedding:

  • Wooden furniture’s tables & chairs
  • No napkins
  • Only candles lights + light vintage light lines (as necessary)
  • Sicilian wooden stalls painted by a Sicilian craftsman – a painter with traditional art supplier of Maison Dolce & Gabbana
  • Mise en place original Sicilian ceramic Caltagirone
  • Less quantity of Vasis Caltagirone – (Testa di Moro) for local wildflowers of the season
  • Here’s the music that was organized for this  bio wedding:
  • Acoustic when it was possible
  • Piano music – famous Italian cinema and lyric music
  • American bluegrass band – famous Italian talent band
  • Vintage Sicilian band with opera singer
green wedding in italy in sicily venue sea rustic rural country american music green vibes
green wedding planner cake slow food catering sicily italy
green wedding in italy in sicily catering rural rustic country green vibes 

Bridal outfit for Green Wedding in Italy

There were no extra vendors for beauty services for hair and makeup. Only some help provided by the maid of honor.
The wedding dress was a vintage @balenciaga dress. The veil was also vintage and not chemically treated. The wedding shoes @jimmy choo shoes. For her bridal bouquet, this bride had only wild roses in their delicate rose color.

Wedding Stationery for Bio Wedding

This couple had digital invites with no printing. They used E- save the date. E -invitations. For their table markers, they used vintage recycled postcards with handmade signatures. There were no bonbonniere and unnecessary gift packing.

Green Wedding Solutions & Fun

Like we said earlier, this couple and their guests had 24hrs access to the private beach. As a finale, all the wedding guests jumped naked into the sea with bottles of champagne. It was a beautiful and fun experience at our green wedding in Italy. There was also previously a fun guest tour. They all got on a sailboat in the heat of Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro with bio lunch on the board. The lunch consisted of local rustical Sicilian dishes as bread, dry tomatoes, olives, typical cheese, all delicious slow food km 0.

Some brides and grooms wouldn’t dream of having their big day anywhere but their hometown. Others know that when it comes a time, their “I dos” will be said in the place in which they live, or at a meaningful location that predates the actual engagement. But if you’re not already sold on one particular place, consider a destination that may be new to you or your loved ones. Those betrothed seeking to make an extraordinary adventure out of their weddings can find that in an unexpected place—say Sicily nad his natural beauty and so many eco-friendly wedding solutions and fun. The right green wedding destination in Italy can even give you more bang for your buck.

green wedding in italy sicily venue sea beach bio wedding planner private villa tonnara di scopello
green wedding planner eco bio food sea venue villa private luxury 

Credits Real Green Wedding in Italy:
Bio Green Wedding planner  Agnes Edith
Venue @tonnaradiscopello
Photography @giusmarano
Wedding dress vintage @balenciaga
Wedding shoes @jimmy choo shoes