WEDDING COSTS and expenses in Italy

The cost depends on many factors;   number of guests,  destinations in Italy like Como Lake or  Venice, the wedding venue class for reception and accommodation,  and your personal choice for entertainment and wedding decorations.
Let’ talk about the costs of the one of top wedding destinations in Italy: Sicily.

Sicily and its venues offer luxury affordable and top luxury wedding solutions. Sicilian venues are a reach of breathtaking views for your outdoor, amazing ceremony: in front of the sea, on the beach or country-side with Etna view.

After browsing wedding destinations in Italy, the first step to planning your dream wedding or special celebration is (strongly recommended)  the Wedding Planner & Coordinator who will help you to choose the perfect venue – tailored to your needs and fit your budget.

The local International Wedding Planner can design your pre-wedding celebrations, your fabulous ceremony, and reception in a very creative way and relevant cost return from saving tips, vendor negotiations, and overall about the final luxury event outcome.

Wedding Planner can help you to rent a boat for your bridal shower or Mehndi, plan your welcome dinner in the beach club, rural winery, or Gala Dinner in prestige exclusive baroque palace in some tiny Sicilian village or organize a top party in Panarea Island.

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How much does a wedding cost in Sicily in 2019?

The costs of marriage are very variable based on numbers of guests, the season, guests’ accommodations, your personal choice for the menu, entertainment, and decorations.

The indicative cost figures of a ‘Lite Luxury Wedding’ in Sicily with affordable reception, a symbolic ceremony and 100 guests are:

– rental venue € 2,500

– wedding menu average €135×100

– celebrant ceremony €500

– rental space ceremony €700

– flowers &decorations € 1,700

– bridal makeup & hair €800

– Photographer € 1,500

– Videographer € 1300

– Band or DJ set € 1000

– Tableau marriage,

– RSVP € 900

– Car rental € 600

– Wedding planner € 2.500, 00


Sure above price items  do not include accommodation, transfers, bridal gown, and ring

Wedding planner consulting and day coordination can be estimated from 10% of the total budget in relation to time spending and skills. The Wedding Planner must be an independent consultant and takes care of only your interests.

Do you dream about a luxury wedding in Italy? Pay attention to packages' costs and services

Of course, there are low-cost wedding packages for elopements and fast-weddings or even weddings  DIY!   You may find  Hotels, venues, or travel agencies packages offer but keep in mind those are all,  copy and paste solutions and very poor all-inclusive whatever you will always shall add hidden supplementary services which bring final cost to a light affordable bespoke wedding event!

Look for a wedding planner who shares your needs and then start planning your wedding day in Italy and Sicily.