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Luxury is not inherently about money but Luxury is a personal experience

I am very pleased to quote a high-end bespoke service for Italian luxury weddings in Sicily.
The goal of my services is to never produce the same wedding twice; never copy and paste events but every my guest needs to have a completely unique unforgettable experience in my amazing Sicily.

“Moments become memories” this is my personal challenge.

I have been selecting vendors, venues, photographers, florists, and artists that share the same luxury wedding concept that I want to apply. There had been a lot of deep work and mistakes selecting them, understand their businesses, and ensure that luxury philosophies matched.
My Team makes a commitment to always elevate and upgrade the wedding event outcome to rise up and up the client’s experiences and overcome expectations.
I oversee every detail to offer you a memorable Italian wedding experience in that what I love to call ” Amazing Sicily” a mixture of Breathtaking views and backdrops, nature, history, leisure, food, and atmospheres. I apply my personal international experience to fix style and fun in your event merged with my passion to create a unique wedding. Luxury service is not inherently about money but Luxury is a personal experience and I’d like to lead my guests into an emotional path throughout their unique special wedding day.

I offer three wedding service packages to couples, each with a different level of involvement throughout the wedding planning process.

Check all the 3 Wedding Planner Service Packages ...and if not sure which one is right for you?

Contact me to set up a complimentary interest call.


Full Wedding Planning

All-inclusive from wedding concept to the D-Day. The Service holds you through each detail looking for creative ideas, full wedding design mood, colors, style coordination a full Production.

To hold the Wedding Task List as well as deviations between expected and real budgeting,  high-end wedding recommendation.

Selection of vendors and full support of your decision throughout the wedding planning process. Wedding Day Coordination included.

Read more about Full Planning…

from € 3.900


Partial Wedding Planning

If you are in the middle of your DIY  wedding planning and need extra help to have control in selecting venue settings, vendors, design, and coordination.

With this  Partial  Service,  I act as your support tying up items and loose ends.

Set up a detailed wedding Task List, cost control, and saving tips as well as a real Budget sheet.

I  will hand-pick all vendors chosen and recommend missed vendors or services based on your wedding style and budget,  review contracts, and get them booked.

Wedding Day Coordination included.

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from € 2.500


D-Day Coordination

You have already planned but be aware that it is impossible and unpalatable to be working at your wedding while trying to enjoy the most important day of your life.  I will work 4-6 weeks before the D-Day to check top to bottom planning and find out eventual issues. Cross-check vendor’s confirmation, transportations, seating plans to be sure everything goes the right way.

The wedding day timeline,  on-site management, guest assistance, and emergency solving. It’s the peace of mind you get from having professional wedding coordination at work!

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from € 1.500


I listen closely to every detail of your wedding vision and your requirements. I view myself as partners and care only about your wishes.


Couples always care about the budget. My service is very competitive as an experienced International planner based in Sicily. I decline  low-quality = low-cost concept, my goal is  only affordable high-end weddings.


I am a wedding planner full time and available when my couple need me to be!

My planning couples get unlimited access to me via email, text and phone.


Full-scale wedding planners handle everything from beginning to end, designing the look and feel of the ceremony, and more. I keep everything organized, find, and manage vendors and coordinate everything on the actual wedding day. Additionally, full-scale wedding planning I may attend meetings without you, make decisions with you, and find ways to make things easier for you. Typically, planning fees start from 10 percent of the budget, depending on the size and scope of your event and special services required.​

The D-day coordinator makes sure your wedding day goes smoothly by creating timelines, confirming vendors, and coordinating all the details on the day of the wedding. Typically, day-of wedding planning is flat fee costs depending on the size, scope of your event, and special services required.

If you are in the middle of your DIY planning and get awareness to have better control of venue settings and vendors and need for everything else or just additional help, with this Partial Service, I act as your support tying up items and loose ends.
Help to set up the wedding task list and keep control of a real budget spreadsheet. I will hand-pick all vendors chosen and recommend missed vendors or services based on your wedding style and budget, review contracts, and get them booked.
Wedding Day Coordination is included.

It is your peace of mind on the d-day. As a single service, it starts for 4 weeks in advance. The planner takes a list of your DIY decisions, links any loose end, arrange rehearsal  and  coordinate the wedding day timeline

Pricing is dependent on many factors including the guest count, destination, venue, and even day of the week.  For detailed items please have a look at the luxury wedding packages page, and “real budget” for figures;  you may also have a look at my article for ‘Lite Luxury Wedding’ costs in Sicily.

Feel free to contact me for any help or further clarification that you may require.

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