Being a wedding planner in Italy for the last 9 years, I had planned a variety of weddings. However, rustic wedding themes are the most requested ones.

The reasons behind vary. It’s trending on all the Pinterest boards for wedding themes and Instagram influencers always go for rustic weddings in Italy due to the gorgeous countryside venues making it perfect for such events. Or probably, vintage chic is the most sought-after theme for important events. For all those known and unknown reasons, a rustic wedding in Italy has become the hottest trend so far.

The romantic aura of Italic natural beauty with Tuscany vineyards and countryside landscapes immersed in enchanting green hills, romantic gardens, but consider with celestial views of Mount Etna –all that makes the perfect setting for a rustic outdoor wedding reception.

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Plan an Unforgettable Rustic Wedding in Italy with Agnes Edith

To plan a perfect rustic dream wedding in Italy, I can help you take care of all the details while you can simply enjoy your big day.

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When to Start Planning your Rustic Wedding in Italy?

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Well! Ideally, it has to be your next step right after your engagement.

To be exact, you should start planning a destination wedding at least a year or two before especially if you have plans to go for a rustic wedding in Italy. The reason is, the castles, monasteries, ancient churches, and other rustic venues are very high in demand so you have to check on the dates for their availability.

Here’s the preparatory timeline you must consider for planning a rustic wedding in Italy.

  • A year before in case you’re planning to get married in working days during May to September
  • At least 2 years before if you want to get married on weekend.

So, planning in advance would help you get the dream rustic venue like a historical church with vintage surroundings.

As your wedding planner in Italy, I can help you select the right rustic venue in the neighborhood that’ll perfectly match your wedding theme.

Where to Plan a Rustic Wedding in Italy?

rustic wedding in sicily italy tonnara di scopello masseria sea beach wedding planner

A rustic wedding in Italy seems to be a great idea but you’d definitely get confused if you try to select the venue by yourself.

There is a variety of choices available since Italy is enriched with rustic stone towns, small countryside villages in historical estates, lavish gardens, and vineyards for a lavish rustic wedding. You can also consider rustic wedding in Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, Sardinia, and Sicily.

However, in my opinion, the best venues to have your rustic wedding has to be Puglia or Sicily. The added benefit of selecting these wedding destinations is their enriched traditional cuisine and availability of the best local produce. For instance, Sicily has its own production of pasta, cheese, local seafood, cheese, sweets, and bakery, and an excellent range of wines.

A Rustic Wedding in Sicily will be a Dream come true for you

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For my clients who want a rustic wedding in Italy, I always advise them to select Sicily for their big day as this spectacular destination offers great solutions for a vintage-chic or rustic wedding.

  • Sicily has three gorgeous seas and three volcanoes that’ll make great backdrops for your natural themed wedding. There are also vineyards near Etna and Tonnara in front of the seaside.
  • There are an abundance of choices available for luxurious yet affordable wedding venues in Sicily (You can find a variety of exclusive rustic venues with accommodation and spectacular space for the ceremony)
  • The Sicilian markets have original local artisan products including wooden furniture and ceramics. The rustic décor can be easily arranged here.

When you decide on a specific region for your destination wedding in a rustic theme, always hire a local wedding planner as he/she can guide you better and can help you select the right venue according to your needs and budget.

Planning a Rustic Wedding in Italy? How much Rustic it should be?

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There is so much involved in planning a wedding. It’s the most important day of your life so keeping an eye on every little detail and addressing it properly is crucial.

When couples get more involved in the planning process, they find a lot of factors to deal with. That’s why a wedding planner can help in taking all the worries off your shoulders and perfectly plan a rustic wedding in Italy.

A rustic themed wedding in Italy comes with a plethora of options! Firstly, it’s important to have a clear initial concept since rustic theme has several models.

  • Simple elegant
  • Glam rustic
  • Folklorist rustic or
  • Vintage chic
  • Or customized rustic

Since I’ve organized almost all types of rustic events, I can help you get all the setting options according to your choice.  I discuss with my clients what they actually require for their rustic wedding in Italy and organize accordingly.

Rustic Wedding Décor –What are the Options?

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A rustic themed wedding needs the right lightings and furniture to create the actual feel. Usually, the standard rustic lights we use should be vintage and furniture has to be wooden.

However, for a vintage chic wedding we can add lace napkins, country bottles, ceramic vases, wild floral décor, candles, wooden pallets and boards, and vintage carriages to create an elegantly vintage feel.

Daisies, olive tree leaves, lavender, and wildflowers are just one example of rustic floral décor. We can mix them in ruffled composition in a spontaneous rustic chic arrangement.

For seating arrangements, you can go for a single long wooden table or prefer more informal table settings with traditional tablecloths.

Rustic Wedding Menu

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A rustic wedding is all about celebrating nature. No glam/fancy options should be availed when it comes to the wedding menu. It should be rich with local cuisine and seasonal food options.

The wedding menu has to be well-organized and catered with good service.

  • An hour-long rustic buffet with live cooking and barbecue options
  • Local produce appetizers served on wooden platters
  • Nude wedding cake (without ganache décor) in natural setting

Vintage cutlery and platters to serve the guests

Music Vibes of Rustic Wedding in Italy

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american wedding in italy sicily rustic blues blue grass band music

A wedding has different emotions and music will promptly help you achieve the feel. For a rustic wedding, the music has to be coherent with your theme. Jazz standards and brass-band tunes are great for vintage wedding. While a country pair can merrily bring out the line-dance jams. The ideas and possibilities are unlimited to choose from.

You can go for,

  • Street bands
  • Vintage bands
  • Old jazz music
  • Classic numbers
  • Country music and much more

For a vintage chic setting, installing a piano or harps in the middle of the rustic garden will look absolutely elegant. It is important to use different kinds of music for ceremony, cocktail, reception, and after party.

While selecting your rustic wedding playlist, it is also important to consider the time of the day and the season of your wedding day. Guests at brunch wedding might not dance much so it’s good to choose low-key tunes. However, an evening or night time soiree would love to have a vibrant dance floor.

More music means more entertainment and more fun!

Let the Best Wedding Planner help Plan Your Rustic Wedding in Italy

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Need more insights about planning a rustic wedding in Italy? Check out the most outstanding rustic weddings planned and organized by Luxury Wedding Sicily. We are here to make your dream wedding a reality. Book your rustic event with the best wedding planner in Italy.


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