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Laid down the wedding cost to tie the knot in Italy is the first dilemma that couples have to solve when deciding on getting married in Italy.

To help figure out the average wedding costs in Italy, I have sorted out the items split in Bespoke Wedding Service and in Packages.

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The difference between Bespoke Wedding and Packages


If you’re up to full designing your wedding, bespoke planning is the right decision for you. Mostly, a long and distinctive wedding planning process is involved with a bespoke unique service rather than a package wedding.

Bespoke weddings are mostly chosen by couples when hosting a unique celebration with special wedding venues, design, decoration,  sometimes high guests count. Couples shall dedicate time and patience to journey the creative planning process from begin


Wedding Packages are intended to make couples’ planning decisions easy, secure the wedding budget, to fast organize their wedding destination abroad in Italy.

Being a standard, although luxury, planning service, I’m proposing cost-effective and well thought out wedding packages that include the essentials for your wedding in Italy and the wedding venue adds-on as per your mood, budget, and wishes.

wedding flower sicily


The approach is for all costs of the wedding, cost-effectively brought together into one. The Bespoke wedding planning cost breakdown is herewith available.   While the Wedding Package is a selling proposal,  a way to realize real costs of essentials, avoid wrong estimations, start to build a realistic budget, and choose Venue and adds-on with the help of a local international wedding planner.

It is strongly recommended to arrange items in a wedding budget sheet to avoid having costs out of control.

Beware, as per international surveys held in the USA, UK, and Australia the couple’s “expected budget” is underestimated and for such reason, it is strongly recommended the support of a professional destination wedding planner living in Italy.

80% of the budget prepared by the couple is 40% underestimated. Based on average costs the Expectation of Couples budget is around $23k …. but end up spending nearly $30k

(Source - USA Report 2020)

$21,236 is the average original wedding budget – $25,540 is what couples believe their final wedding cost will be – $31,368 is the final average wedding cost

(Source - Australia Report)

two thirds (65%) of couples go over budget

(Source - UK report)
wedding flower sicily


The Bespoke wedding costs are packed only to simplify the understanding of the costing process from wedding conception to the wedding day with the selection of different luxury wedding venues in Italy and a high-end vendor team.

With Bespoke planning, before you start hyperventilating, bear in mind that service may include different classes of venues and wedding services costs.
When looking at the overall bespoke wedding costs, there are many factors such as guest count, type of venue, wedding design….. details that impact the total cost. Therefore please consider the below figures as a guide and the final ones will be tailored to your needs and wishes.

While the Package wedding costs have been grouped into proposal levels  (Silver, Gold, Platinum,Elopement) to buy the essentials items and then focus on the wedding venue, final adds-on services selection with the support of wedding planner included in the package. This is an easy and affordable approach to plan your wedding in Italy cost.


Looking for a Luxury Wedding within an average LITE budget, well I have several solutions for you two.

The venue choice is for 4 stars/5stars hotels/resorts/mansions with in-house catering-services for your outdoor/indoor ceremony and reception.

​I will plan your unique wedding event far away from standard copy-paste solutions offered for in-house venue services, keeping a real budget secured with the only necessary and bespoke upgrades and adds-on for your bespoke event.

Tell me about your dream!

A bespoke chic wedding event at selected 5 Stars Luxury Hotels/Resort, even larger guests list, luxury upgrades, and adds-on included.

Available ancient castles and mansions (also exclusive use) for outdoor distinctive beach-waterfront, rustic wedding event.

Welcome dinner, rehearsal. In-house or External starred catering depends on the venue and guests list.

Tell me about your un-plugged event dream!

Is it under a lighthouse, on a hot air balloon, or on an exclusive private beach?

Available dry-hiring Exclusive use wedding venues, castles, special catering, exclusive spaces, open bar Japanese whiskey, cigar corner, high-end decorations and design, bespoke rentals. Guests and Couple accommodation in ancient Mansions, waterfront, or Sicilian farms.

With Special Services on demand: multi-day weddings, lighting effects, guests accommodation, welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch, guests tour and entertainments, multi-bands music show.

Contact Agnes  for a FIRST CLASS wedding in Sicily



Do you plan a small intimate wedding in Italy with luxury and exclusive affordable requirements?

Silver Packages is the entry minimal essentials service  to plan your wedding in Italy

Visit the package offers page for detailed inclusive services

The Gold Package is the best seller service chosen by most couples.  It is a good balance between high-end services and costs.

Visit the web page of  Packages for detail.

Platinum service offers the highest Luxury solution for a vow wedding event in Italy.

Details of essential included are at wedding package web page.

Platinum service offers the highest Luxury solution for a vow wedding event in Italy.

Details of essential included are on the packages page.

Do you plan a small intimate wedding in Italy with luxury and affordable requirements?
I may help you two plan an unforgettable, intimate, vow elopement wedding in Italy.
I will be happy to hear from you and plan a romantic event.

Package price is available on-demand only for luxury elopements.
Go to the contact page to mail your requirements.

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