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Many couples try to choose different destinations for their big day and a wedding of dreams. Are you one of those couples? Are you looking for a luxury wedding in Italy? While you browse the wedding planning journey and look for the best wedding destinations to make your fantasies come true. But remember Italy is one of those amazing locations where you can make all your dreams come true. There are many safe and enchanting places where you can plan your luxury wedding in Italy. But the question arises where to plan your wedding in Italy?

What can I do in planning your wedding in Italy?

I am a wedding planner in Italy and I would like to help you grab an exceptional wedding destination in Italy. A mesmerizing location, with breathtaking beaches, small islands, entertainment, museums, and ancient sites is easy to find in Italy. The amazing picture that you will imprint for making your wedding reception a treat to eyes for your parents, relatives, and friends. It will surely be a surprise for them.

Where to Plan weddings in Italy?

Italy doesn’t need any introduction and presentation when it comes to being a wedding destination. The beauty, history, and cultural heritage of Italy can leave anybody amazed and fascinated. Italy offers wedding ideas for every style, budget, and imagination. Also, we must prefer that you should not lose your cool amongst all the gorgeous locations like Amalfi, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Tuscany. But apart from these famous places, going for unusual locations can be a different experience as well.

So, choosing Italy for themed weddings,  to make all your dreams of the big day come true, will be the best decision of your life. It is a perfect destination for your honeymoon as well where you can enjoy the beautiful days of your life.

Undiscovered locations in Italy

In terms of wedding destinations and locations, Italy is yet to be discovered. There are amazing locations to lighten up the mood of your whole wedding just by looking at the beautiful landscapes and destinations nearby.

Italy can be your dream destination where you can plan your fairytale wedding leaving your loved ones and guests amazed.

We have discovered some cities like Venice and Rome for wedding destinations but there is more to Italy. Sicily, Amalfi, Florence, and Tuscany are the ideal wedding destinations that couples choose for making their big day a dream.

Explore wedding Locations!

Italy is the land of love that offers many breathtaking views that it is quite a task to choose where to plan your wedding. Italy ensures that your wedding ceremony has a captivating backdrop that refreshes the soul of the people there. You can explore the beautiful art cities, relaxing countryside, magnificent mountains, or soothing lakes. Name it and Italy has it.

The beautiful coast with historical cities and incomparable landscapes will leave you head over heels in love with this place. The endless possibilities and diverse locations that Italy offers usually leave couples spoilt for choice. But make sure that you choose a location with picturesque moments and locations to make your wedding memorable and pictures just perfect.

From Venice to Amalfi, Rome to Tuscany, you can’t have enough of the beauty of Italy. But here I will help you choose the best location that is up to your imagination and wishes. Sicily can be your dream destination as the island offers different themes , wedding locations, and charming venues with beautiful backdrops that make the perfect ambiance for a wedding of dreams.

Find Your Mood!

How are wedding ceremonies made memorable and beautiful? In Italy, there is no restraint and you can dream freely. Your wedding is created from a feeling, idea, and your mood. Your mood matters the most, after all, it is your dream wedding.

Stick to that location and backdrop that is the depiction of your mood and emotions. Whether it is magnificent mountains or along the beautiful coastal lines and lakes, choose what inspires you the most. Make sure that you don’t leave any of your wishes and desires in your heart and mind, because of the day won’t return.

Make it as perfect as possible. And we are here for helping you out discovering the quintessential destination that depicts your mood and emotions in the best possible way. We together will make your wedding beautiful and memorable.


Wedding in Italy

Your Marriage in Italy

Italy can be a luxurious destination and the best of all that you can choose for your wedding. You, your loved ones, and your guests will taste the amazing lifestyle, Italian moods, and the ethereal atmospheres while you and your life partner will enjoy your exclusive and luxury wedding in Italy.

You can set your chic wedding in Italy and you will enjoy the incredible and genuine cuisine with organic zero-km food. Also, don’t forget to have a glass of world-class wines while immersed in the beautiful landscapes of Italy. Italy hosts a great number of large exclusive and chic weddings.

Italy can be a destination that marks up to the expectations of any couple. Italy takes care of every couple of wishes and fantasies while they plan their dream wedding in Italy.

Italian Wedding Trends and Your Expectations

Italy is the dream destination that couples choose for their big day. There are beautiful and fascinating landscapes where you can theme your wedding according to the time of day. Elegant design and theme go with a day wedding while you can play with a combination of colors that match your backdrop in an evening wedding ceremony.

What comes to your mind regarding the theme and design of your wedding, say it! Because your fairytale wedding starts from there. We work for turning your ideas into reality incorporating the Italian wedding trends in an optimized manner. Your ideas and expectations are my luxuries and I will turn them into reality and plan your luxury wedding ceremony in Italy.

Wedding in italy |

Sicily and your luxury marriage in Italy


Although Italy has various diverse and gorgeous locations to plan your exclusive and luxury wedding in Italy, Rome, Venice, Amalfi, and Tuscany being the popular ones. But, Sicily is an undiscovered yet a large island that is suitable for planning your luxury wedding in Sicily. It’s a perfect place to plan your luxury wedding in Italy without being heavy on your pocket. The affordable high-end wedding ceremonies and reception in the budget are possible in Sicily as compared to other famous Italian wedding destinations. Sicily is a one-stop wedding destination in Italy so plan your wedding in Sicily and spend an unforgettable honeymoon here. You can take this experience close to a relaxing beach in an amazing setting immersed in historical Greek and Roman heritages.

Let’s just picture a beautiful and luxurious wedding in Italy with add-ons in the Italian style, class, and traditions along with the natural colors in the enchanting island of Sicily. Beautiful and mesmerizing, isn’t it? Book your wedding in Italy, and enjoy a dive into the amazing Mediterranean. It’s a natural pool with many natural marine reserves that provide gorgeously breathtaking backgrounds for your luxury wedding. You can plan a rustic outdoor beach wedding in Sicily.


Turning your dreams into Reality in Sicily

I am an international wedding planner based in Sicily and I ensure that my couple’s dream gets fulfilled here. I will help you in planning your luxury wedding in Sicily with some amazing venues. Charming villas, beautiful palaces, and captivating palaces are a new trend that couples like to choose. No worries! Sicily has them from your romantic and a much private wedding ceremony with only your loved ones. On the other hand, you can choose an open-air wedding along the coast with a refreshing and soothing atmosphere or with a backdrop of mountains.

I guide you through my experience but your wishes and desires will always be the priority. I will plan your wedding with whole my heart and passion and will be there for you till you enjoy the last moment of your memorable day. The special decors and special features of your luxury fairytale wedding will live up to the trends of Italian wedding and your expectations.




An Unforgettable Luxury Elopement in Sicily

Sicily is going to be a unique and unforgettable experience for you. It’s an amazing and fascinating destination to plan your exclusive wedding. This amazing and enchanting island holds a great heritage from three different cultures. It is one of the diverse islands that hold the cultural heritages of Arabs, Romans, and Greeks. Also, Sicily is ranked as 2nd best place to visit in 2020 so you must look up to planning your luxury wedding in Italy here.

Planning your wedding in Italy is a pleasure for both you and us. You can enjoy the beautiful rustic backgrounds and landscapes of the Mediterranean sea. The beautiful sunsets, variety of beaches including white, yellow and black sand can’t be compared to any other place. Sicily offers stunning volcano views as well. The genuine authentic delicious food embraced with the warm hospitality of Sicily will be the highlight of your wedding. There is a wide range of wedding themes and inspirations with a Sicilian touch.

The exclusive wedding venues in Sicily for your high-end wedding ceremonies and events are one of the best in Italy. The Greek-Roman temples, the ancient archaeological sites, luxury hotels, beautiful and magnificent villas, palaces, castles, and even private resorts can be a suitable and unique option for your luxury wedding.

A Sicilian Ceremony and Reception with endless and timeless Styles

Sicily is a beautiful destination in Italy, which can be the perfect stop for your dream luxury wedding ceremony. Sicily is your dream destination where you can let your imagination run into the themes. Sicily provides all kinds of different, unique, and undiscovered locations where you can make your wedding ceremony one of its kind. It holds exclusive romantic and diverse locations that breathe endless styles. Italy is a blend of romanticism and diversity, and Sicily is a depiction. The heritage of this enchanting island is my pride and passion and I will make sure that your wedding holds the true essence of it that too with a style.

Sicily gives you endless ideas to introduce timeless styles for your wedding that even after years those pictures and memorable moments of you remain new. The wedding ceremony will begin with your dreams and ideas, combined with the diverse and incomparable beauty of the captivating island.

I am an experienced wedding planner and I make sure that I create an emotion rather than a one-day event that fades in just one day.

How can I help you with your wedding in Italy?

I am an experienced wedding planner in Sicily and I offer the high-end wedding planning services in Sicily. I have luxury wedding planner packages that are affordable and will make your dreams and fantasy a reality. I will help you in grabbing a chic wedding location that is perfect for your big day. And, my wedding planning services will make sure that you get what you desire. I will keep your wishes in my mind while planning for making your dream day a reality.

I will ensure that your wedding experience is unique and unforgettable. I am dedicated to a fairytale wedding in Italy that breathe fresh air in the atmosphere with love and romance. I work for couples in love with love and all my passion.

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