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A Wedding in Italy is the answer if you’re looking for a destination wedding. Many couples want a special destination for their big day and the wedding in Italy of their dreams. Are you one of those couples?
While you tackle the wedding planning journey as you make your dreams come true and look for the best wedding destination, remember that Italy is considered one of the most amazing destinations. Italy is a beautiful place that can captivate anyone’s heart, making it the perfect destination for your big day. A luxury venue, good food, and a lot of amazing pictures and moments are what weddings are all about.

Destinations play a role in making your wedding ‘perfect’. They are the depiction of your moods, emotions, and feelings.
Italy is incomparable as a wedding destination and you need no introduction to the beauties that it holds. The history and cultural heritage of Italy are one-of-a-kind. Name a type of wedding venue and Italy has it, be it villas, resorts, beautiful coastlines, or breath-taking landscapes. Italy is a one-stop-shop; there is no better location for your “I do” moment.

The ancient historical sites and beautiful, captivating landscapes make Italy a popular choice for couples on their big day. Modern-day buildings and old traditional monuments all work together to preserve the culture and traditions of Italy. You have seas, lakes, mountains, planes, nature, or refreshing coasts to choose from for the beautiful backdrop to your big day.

There are many safe and enchanting places you can use for your luxury wedding in Italy. However, the question arises of where to plan your wedding in Italy?


Italy doesn’t need any introduction or presentation when it comes to acting a destination wedding in Italy. The beauty, history, and cultural heritage of Italy will leave anybody amazed and fascinated. Italy offers wedding ideas for every style, budget, and imagination. However, we don’t want you to become overwhelmed with the huge number of gorgeous locations for your destnation wedding in Italy, like RomeFlorenceVenice, Amalfi, and Tuscany.

After all, while these famous places certainly have their own undeniable charm, going to unusual locations – a beauty still undiscovered – can create the most magical experience. So, choosing Italy for a themed wedding is the best decision to make your dream wedding come true. It’s also the perfect destination for your honeymoon, where you can enjoy the beautiful days of your new life together.


Tuscany: A classical country destination that can easily fulfill the dreams of the couple. This city of art for a destination wedding in Italy, with rolling wheat hills dotted by poppies and sunflowers, is a perfect frame for couples keen on a country wedding.

Lake Como: Holding elegance and charm, Lake Como will make you feel like a prince and princess. Magnificent villas and hotels are the venues of choice for weddings.

Venice: Its blend of romanticism and elegance doesn’t need an introduction. If you are keen on big, elegant wedding receptions, then Venice is perfect. The grand hotels and canals of Venice allow you to celebrate your special day while overlooking one of the best skylines in the world.

Amalfi Coast: A destination wedding Italy Amalfi coast is a top choice for sure. Breath-taking views of the deep blue sea, yellow lemon trees, cliffs, little villages with vibrant colors, and warm seaside weather all come together to help you make your wedding ideal. The Tirreno Sea, Sorrento, Capri, and Amalfi rock coasts and high peaks are treats for the eyes. Plan your wedding in a wonderful villa here by the sea and shores to guarantee your luxurious, exclusive experience.

Florence: Weddings in Florence are their own unique experience altogether. The grand Tuscan hotels and romantic Boboli gardens make for ideal for a small wedding in Italy.

Rome: The eternal Rome is quite famous as a city of love. A destination for a romantic elopement with great wedding photos in front of famous city landmarks, Rome is an amazing host to traditional ceremonies.

Verona: This city of lovers can make your day of love truly beautiful. It’s one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Have a civil ceremony on Romeo and Juliet’s balcony or experience the outdoor opera in the famous Verona Arena. You and your loved ones will never forget the ultimate romantic experience of a winter wedding.

Italian Riviera: This is among some of the amazing destination weddings in Italy for those seeking poetic views and amazing panoramas. Portofino is the first location that comes to our mind regarding a destination wedding in Italy. A wedding ceremony overlooking the sea and under the stars is a dream for any bride and groom.

Lake Orta: A romantic and intimate choice for lovers. Outdoor wedding receptions are popular choices here and contribute to completing the frame of the ‘perfect wedding portrait’.

Lake Maggiore: A charming lake can be an ideal setting for a wedding in Italy as it has grand and historical leading hotels, lush gardens, and a village atmosphere.

Umbria: A perfect destination wedding in Italy for a country event by a lake, complete with two fantastic medieval villages in central Italy. Your wedding here would be made complete with a spectacular view of country hills.

Apulia: It’s the heel of Italy with sandy beaches, a wonderfully blue sky and sea, a romantic atmosphere, lovely beach resorts, and an amazing village to explore. Traditional Apulia buildings and renewed mansions are available for you to plan your luxurious ceremony and get married.

Lake Garda: Famous for its spectacular Mediterranean flair, Italian-style gardens, and breathtaking views. The colorful and traditional atmosphere of the nearby landscape can leave you amazed, providing a spectacular experience if you decide to get married here.

Alps and Dolomite: This is an ideal destination for winter weddings, providing a frosty winter wonderland atmosphere. While the stone churches and town halls in mountain villages are perfect for any romantic wedding ceremony, it’s also an opportunity for a truly adventurous winter wedding.

Discover new locations …


In terms of wedding destinations, Italy is yet to be discovered. There are so many amazing locations that will lighten the mood of your whole wedding just by providing some beautiful landscapes and enticing local destinations.

Italy can be your dream destination, allowing you to plan a fairy-tale wedding that will leave your loved ones and guests amazed.

Amalfi, Florence, or Tuscany is the ideal luxury wedding destination in Italy for couples who want to make their big day a complete dream. We’ve discussed some famous cities like Venice and Rome as wedding in Italy destinations, but there’s so much more.

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You must be wondering why I’m opting to promote Sicily over other famous wedding destinations in Italy. Well, the enchanting island of Sicily is now listed as the 2nd best place to visit in 2020, worldwide. I’m not the one saying this, it was said by Forbes. So, why not plan your wedding at a destination that’s regarded as the 2nd best place to visit? That’s not even mentioning that Sicily has some of the most amazing venue choices to pick from.

As we know, Italy is rich, unique, and flooded with exclusive destinations that can act as the “luxury” venue for your big day.

Sicily is one of them. There’s no doubt that Como Lake, Tuscany, or Venice are beautiful places, but Sicily is also one of the best destination wedding in Italy. It has plenty of gorgeous venues, amazing backdrops, stunning landscapes, and wide history. It’s famous for weddings in Italy and has a vastly under-estimated Arab, Greek, and Roman heritage. It also delivers high-end wedding services surrounded by the beautiful and stunning Mediterranean sea, supported by the equally beautiful and refreshing Mediterranean weather.

This enchanting and captivating island offers the perfect wedding Italy experience. It has truly anything you could wish for: huge backdrops ready for luxury country rustic or beach weddings, or romantic and traditional garden and outdoor events with experiences like the Baroque, Sicilian summerLove Godfather touchesGreen VibesRed Carpet weddings, Winery, Vintage or even Underwater wedding experience for divers. Sicily is the land of traditions and stunning landscapes that can amaze anybody.




Are you looking for a fairy-tale wedding in Italy?  For a destination wedding in Italy, Sicily is the best answer with a range of diverse venues that will meet and exceed your dreams and fantasies.

Planning the wedding is the most beautiful journey a couple can take, while the wedding day is the most incredible day. All couples want to make this day as beautiful as they possibly can.

Sicily, being the land of love and art, is a popular choice for couples planning their weddings.

But there’s a lot of hassle involved in ensuring your destination wedding lives up to your expectations.

However, this is where wedding planners come to the rescue. As an experienced wedding planner living in Italy, I can work with you to ensure your wedding is a hassle-free, memorable day in your life. I work to turn your ideas into reality and make your dream come true. Destination wedding in Italy packages is also available in Sicily.


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Ancient Summer




Ancient Baroque


The Goodfather



Sicily has got among the top locations for destination wedding in Italy because of its diverse, unique, and stunning venues that fit your budget. I am a wedding planner in Sicily who works to make weddings a unique, unforgettable, and affordable experience. The beautiful Sicilian backdrop will make your important moment even more beautiful, adding further love and passion. Occupied by the blessings of nature, Sicily provides stunning and enchanting venues for your luxury wedding.

I may work to make your celebration of love an unforgettably amazing experience for yourself and your family at affordable rates. In Sicily, I help brides and grooms to fulfill their wishes and desires; I am there for them at every step of their beautiful journey, making sure they have the best wedding venue to match their dreams and budget.

Sicily is the major Italian island in the Mediterranean sea, projecting only positive vibes and good energy. It’s a perfect choice all year long because of the refreshing weather. The blue sky, vibrant colors, and beautiful venues are the perfect frame for any wedding portrait.

If you’re looking to host a beach destination wedding in Italy, the wedding venues in Sicily are the ultimate answer. You have absolutely come to the right place – there are even other small, intimate, beautiful neighboring islands that can decide to visit.

A wedding near a volcano? It’s an unusual experience, but beauty lies in uniqueness. If you’re someone who’s keen on having a wedding in an incomparable location, the fact that Sicily is home to Mount Etna makes it the ultimate choice in Italy. Take a peek at all the wedding ideas and themes in Sicily.

Also, let’s not forget the amazingly delicious food and great wine.

Sicily offers a lot to choose from, so I will help you sift through and identify your dream venue. Sicily has a wide choice of Cefalu wedding venues, Palermo wedding venues, and luxury Taormina wedding venues, or the latest wedding venues Syracuse Sicily with castles, villas, palaces, beaches, lakes, hotels, resorts, and more.

It has all types of wedding venues, suitable for everything from large parties to a small, intimate destination wedding in Italy.


the still undiscovered Italy.

SICILY is the perfect place to get married in Italy

Italy has various diverse and gorgeous locations and venues to plan your exclusive luxury weddings; Rome, Venice, Amalfi, and Tuscany are the most popular.

However, Sicily is an undiscovered yet large island that’s more than suitable for planning your luxury wedding in Italy. It’s the perfect place to take advantage of amazing locations and gorgeous venues without draining your pockets. Affordable high-end wedding ceremonies and receptions are far easier to arrange in Sicily as compared to other famous Italian wedding locations.

Sicily is the one-stop wedding location in Italy, so plan your wedding event in Sicily and spend an unforgettable honeymoon here. You can take this experience to a relaxing beach venue or an amazing building immersed in historical Greek and Roman heritage.

Let’s just picture the beautiful and luxurious wedding venues with add-ons in the Italian style, class, and traditions, along with the natural colors of the enchanting island of Sicily. Beautiful and mesmerizing, isn’t it? Book your wedding in Sicily, get the best wedding venue, and enjoy a dive into the amazing Mediterranean sea. It’s a natural pool with many natural marine reserves that provide gorgeously breath-taking landscapes for your luxury wedding. You can plan a rustic outdoor beach wedding in Sicily in the Tonnara di Scopello venue and other amazing affordable barns or a top luxury event at the Villa S. Andrea Belmond hotel in Taormina.

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Italy and wedding destinations go hand in hand; we think about destination weddings and Italy is always the first place to come to mind. A special destination wedding in Sicily is a dream for many couples, so they want to make it the best experience of their lives.

Sicily is flooded with a pool of special and famous wedding places. Sicily has some amazing wedding venues, so here we discuss some of them in more detail.


An Unforgettable Luxury Elopement in Sicily

The exclusive wedding venues available in Sicily for your high-end wedding ceremonies and events are some of the best in Italy. Taormina, Cefalù, Scopello, Palermo, Syracuse, Noto, or Agrigento,  the Greek-Roman temples, ancient archaeological sites, luxury hotels, beautiful villas, magnificent palaces and castles, and even private resorts act as a suitable and unique option for your luxury wedding.

Sicily will provide a unique and unforgettable experience for your exclusive wedding in Italy. This amazing and enchanting island holds a great deal of heritage from three different cultures  Arab, Roman, and Greek – making it one of the most diverse islands in Italy. Sicily is also ranked as the 2nd best place to visit in 2020, so you absolutely must look to plan your luxury wedding in Italy here.

Planning your small destination wedding Italy  in Sicily is a pleasure – for both you and us. You can enjoy the beautiful rustic backgrounds and landscapes of the Mediterranean sea. The stunning sunsets and variety of beaches, including white, yellow, and black sand, can’t be compared to any other place. Sicily even offers incredible volcano views. The genuine, authentic, delicious food offered with the warm hospitality of Sicily will be the highlight of your wedding. There is a wide range of wedding themes and inspirations available which all have a Sicilian touch.

A Wedding Ceremony with Sicilian Timeless Style

Sicily can be the perfect one-stop-shop for your dream luxury wedding ceremony. With its large variety of wedding venues, Sicily lets your imagination run wild with the themes you can use to truly make this your dream destination. Sicily provides all kinds of different, unique, and undiscovered venues that you can use to make your wedding ceremony one-of-a-kind. These exclusive, romantic, and diverse locations breathe endless styles.

Italy is a blend of romanticism and diversity; Sicily is possibly one of the best depictions of just that. The heritage of this enchanting island is my pride and passion; with my collection of luxury wedding venues, I will make sure that your wedding holds the true essence of Sicily – and with style.

Sicily gives you endless ideas to introduce timeless themes for your wedding which means that, even after years, those pictures and memorable moments will still seem brand new. Your wedding ceremony will begin with your dreams and ideas, then be combined with the diverse and incomparable beauty of the captivating island.

I am an experienced wedding planner and I make sure that I create an emotional connection that lasts rather than a one-day event that fades into memory.

How to have a destination wedding in Italy? How do I plan an affordable wedding in Italy?

I am a professional wedding planner sicily and I ensure that all my couples’ dreams are fulfilled. I will help you in planning your luxury wedding in Sicily because I live here and know the most amazing venues.  Charming villas, beautiful palaces, and captivating castles are new trends that couples like to choose from. No worries! Sicily has plenty to pick from for your romantic and very-much private wedding ceremony with only your loved ones. On the other hand, you can choose an open-air wedding celebration along the coast, complete with a refreshing and soothing atmosphere, the backdrop of mountains, and plenty of guests.

I guide you through my experience, but your wishes and desires will always be the top priority. I can set up  Italy wedding packages all inclusive. I will plan your wedding with my whole heart and all of my passion; I will be there for you until you enjoy the very last moment of your memorable day. The special wedding venue, decor, and features of your luxury fairy-tale wedding will not only live up to the trends of Italian weddings but exceed your expectations with warm Sicilian moods.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Italy? visit my dedicated page.

Turning your wedding dreams into reality in Sicily


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