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wedding in taormina villa sea etna views

Dive into Astonishing Taormina: A Pastel Wedding Extravaganza

Wedding in Taormina. Big day of Rebecca & Monti

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Astonishing Taormina: A Pastel Wedding Extravaganza

Introduction Before Wedding Taormina: The Serendipitous Beginning

Years ago, amidst the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Rebecca and Monti’s tale of love commenced. What began as a casual meet-up over a single caffe blossomed into a day-long conversation, laying the foundation for a story that would be cherished forever. This isn’t just a tale of two souls; it’s an odyssey of love, laughter, and lifelong commitment.

Nestled on the eastern coast of Sicily, Taormina beckons with its historical allure and geographical splendor. This idyllic destination seamlessly merges ancient charm with modern luxury, making it a coveted spot for couples seeking a dreamy wedding backdrop.

The Charm of Taormina’s Landscape

With the majestic Mount Etna providing a dramatic backdrop and the azure waters of the Ionian Sea glistening below, Taormina offers a picturesque canvas for weddings. The juxtaposition of rugged cliffs, lush gardens, and panoramic vistas creates an enchanting atmosphere, ideal for romantic celebrations.

A Global Affair: Guests from Distant Lands

The allure of Taormina beckoned guests from the farthest corners of the world. From the sophisticated elegance of the Emirates Arab to the vibrant hues of India and the vast landscapes of Australia, Taormina became a melting pot of cultures. Each guest brought with them unique traditions, creating an ambiance that resonated with global harmony, all in celebration of Rebecca and Monti’s union.

The Prewedding Soiree: Luxury Amidst Ancient Alleys

Downtown Taormina, with its cobblestone streets and ancient charm, set the stage for an opulent prewedding dinner. The chosen luxury club became a haven of elegance, where guests reveled in exquisite delicacies and raised toasts to the soon-to-be-weds. Amidst laughter, music, and heartfelt conversations, the evening painted a picture of anticipation and joy.

The Grandeur of the Big Day: Liberty Villa and Vows

Perched atop a picturesque vista, an exclusive villa awaited the couple, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the enchanting Isola Bella. As vows were exchanged, champagne flowed like rivers, and guests savored top-tier Italian dishes. The air was filled with romance, punctuated by pastel flowers that adorned every corner, encapsulating the essence of love and celebration.

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Experience

Immerse our guests in a culinary journey showcasing Sicily’s flavors. From savory arancini and fresh seafood platters to decadent cannoli and granita, Taormina’s gastronomic offerings tantalize taste buds. Collaborations with local chefs to craft customizable menus that reflect the personal tastes of spouses and preferences.

Mise en Place, and Tableau Marriage: The Art of Crafting Memories

Every detail mattered in the intricate tapestry of Rebecca and Monti’s wedding. The choice of pastel flowers resonated with elegance and grace, creating a harmonious backdrop for their union. Amidst traditional rituals and modern nuances, the couple embraced a blend of cultures, forging memories that would be etched in their hearts forever. From the mice en place and tableau marriage, every element came together seamlessly, crafting a narrative of love that transcended borders and cultures.

Accommodation Choices for Guests
Whether your guests prefer luxury hotels overlooking the Mediterranean or quaint villa rentals nestled amidst olive groves, Taormina caters to diverse accommodation needs. We provided a range of options to ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable stay, complete with world-class amenities and warm Sicilian hospitality.

In conclusion, Rebecca and Monti’s wedding extravaganza in Taormina was more than a celebration; it was a testament to love’s enduring power. Amidst pastel flowers, exquisite vistas, and global guests, their union epitomized the beauty of love, transcending boundaries and creating memories that would last a lifetime.



“Emotional Resonance: Agnes’s Understanding of Couple Dynamics
Beyond the glitz and glamour, Agnes possesses an uncanny aptitude for tapping into the emotional core of couples. Recognizing that every duo harbors a unique narrative, she invests time in understanding their dynamics, aspirations, and idiosyncrasies. This empathetic approach transcends transactional interactions, fostering deep-seated trust and rapport. Consequently, the weddings she orchestrates radiate authenticity, encapsulating the couple’s essence in a tapestry of heartfelt moments and shared memories”



Wedding Planning & Design @luxuryweddingsicily

Ph @martinabottiphotography

Wedding dress @pronovias

wedding in taormina venue villa sea view sicily italy

"Destination Wedding Taormina: A Fusion of Cultures in Anita and Laith's International Celebration"

The Allure of Sicilian charm with Indian and Arabic twists

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"Destination Wedding Taormina: A Fusion of Cultures in Anita and Laith's International Celebration"

Destination wedding Taormina

Nestled on the Sicilian coast, Taormina emerges as a dreamy haven, providing the perfect canvas for couples seeking a destination wedding that transcends cultural boundaries. Here, Anita and Laith, an international duo hailing from the UK, decided to weave their love story into the rich tapestry of Taormina’s charm.

Capturing the Essence of Taormina

The Enchanting Backdrop of Taormina

Taormina, with its panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the majestic Mount Etna, sets the stage for a wedding like no other. The town’s ancient amphitheater, overlooking the azure waters, becomes an enchanting venue for the union of two souls.

A Pinnacle for Destination Weddings in Taormina

More than just a picturesque location, Taormina has earned its reputation as a premier wedding destination. Its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty provides an unparalleled setting for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable celebration.

Anita and Laith: A Cross-Cultural Union

Unveiling the Background

Anita, rooted in Indian traditions, and Laith, with his Arab origins, bring a fascinating blend of cultures to their union. This cross-cultural connection enriches the wedding with a tapestry of rituals and customs, creating an experience that transcends borders.

The Magic of International Love

Their love story goes beyond geographical boundaries, showcasing the beauty of an international union. The melding of Indian warmth with Arab hospitality becomes the guiding force, exemplifying the harmony possible in a world where love knows no borders.

The Unique Indian-Arab Fusion

A Tapestry of Colors and Traditions

The wedding is a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of Indian customs and the subtle elegance of Arab influences. From the intricate mehndi designs adorning Anita’s hands to the fragrant oud perfuming the air, each detail reflects the harmonious blend of two rich cultural heritages.

Culinary Delights from Two Worlds

The feast is a gastronomic journey, featuring the bold flavors of Indian cuisine and the aromatic delights of Arabian dishes. The fusion of spices, herbs, and culinary techniques creates a menu that tantalizes the taste buds, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of diversity.

Taormina as the Perfect Canvas

The Allure of Sicilian Charm

Beyond the love story and cultural fusion, Taormina adds its magic to the celebration.  The Sicilian charm, with its cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, complements the international flair of the wedding, creating an atmosphere that is both timeless and modern.

Scenic Beauty and Romanticism

The natural beauty of Taormina, from the lush landscapes to the breathtaking sunsets, becomes an integral part of the celebration. The romantic allure of the surroundings enhances every moment, making it a wedding that transcends the ordinary and becomes a cherished memory.

Local Flair Complementing Global Celebrations

The local Sicilian touch, from the exquisite wines to the traditional music, seamlessly integrates with the global celebration. It’s a testament to the universality of love—a celebration that honors the union of Anita and Laith and pays homage to the beauty of diversity.

In the heart of Taormina, Anita and Laith’s destination wedding unfolds as a testament to the power of love to transcend boundaries and create a celebration that is as unique as it is universal.

Wedding Planning & Design   @luxuryweddingsicily

“Spouses who have experienced the magic woven by Ages Edith  are effusive in their praise. Her weddings are not just spectacles; they are immersive journeys that elevate the entire celebration to a realm of unparalleled grandeur. In the kaleidoscope of wedding planning, the quest for the best planner becomes an odyssey. As couples embark on this journey, armed with dreams and aspirations, the right wedding planner emerges as the custodian of those dreams, weaving them into the very fabric of the celebration. The marriage of personalization, expertise, and seamless coordination transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary”  

Ph @martinabottiphotography

wedding dress @pronovias

shoes @jimmy choo

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Wedding in Temples Alchemy's marriage

Luxury Wedding Sicily

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Alchemy's marriage in The Valley of the Temples

Alchemy’s marriage of two Twin Stars: Antonia & Daren was inspired by ancient Greek Mythos and The Alchemist- a novel by Paulo Coelho 1988The Place & the Time was based on Astrological since. The Divine Couple and their twin star ceremony took place on July 2022.  After consulting a trusted astrologer, spouses have determined the perfect time and place for their wedding in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily, Italy!  The Valley of the Temples is an archaeological site in Agrigento (ancient Greek colony Akragas), Sicily. It is one of the most outstanding examples of ancient Greek art and architecture in Italy.

Immersed between The Greek Mythos & Earth

May I say that our wedding design and personal styling come from Mount Olympus – the abode of the Gods and the site of the throne of Zeus. Bride and groom styled outfits in gold-white satin fabrics, head-made dresses with imperial crowns, and Greek tiaras. The dress code for guests & staff totals white worked well.

A special place for Ceremony and reception

It was an ecological Pistachio Farm situated in the historical site of Valley with an amazing view to view to Greek Temples

Custom made blessing

Custom-made ceremony according to ancient Greek marriage traditions.

“Priest and Priestess” – special celebrants of the Cultural Historical Association of Akragas conducted the ceremony in a sacred place. The couple is then purified with seawater stored in a special vase of Greek Dinos.

Being water from the Ocean, and therefore primordial and sacred, it is characterized as pure owing also to its presence of salt, which symbolizes hospitality and the very birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The five divinities convened for the marriage ceremony Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, and Aphrodite – will be called on to offer their benevolence upon the new family nucleus, which is taking shape via the hymns that will be recited by the priest for each divinity. During the priest’s invocations to the deities, there are offers of wine, seeds, and essences to the gods. Two foliate crowns, tied together by a white ribbon, are placed on the head of the spouses, to symbolize their union before the Gods.

Own composed music

The groom is a music composer and “We blend electronic and live sounds, singing, spoken meditations, and mantras to create a unique sonic experience. Each track is a microcosm of our life experience, taking you on a dance meditation journey. Each item in the brans collection is a time microcosm of the universe that draws upon the ancient tantric traditions of using an external sensory stimulus to elevate your awareness of metaphysical dimensions.

Alchemy is their debut sonic creation.  “Born from our cosmic love, passion for music, and dalliance with mysticism, Antonia and I have been creating these transformational dance tracks for a while.”

Wedding Planning – Design & Styling @luxuryweddingsicily

Ph @elabphotograpers

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Sicilian Wedding

Real Wedding Sicily

Weddings 2022

Sicilian Wedding - Dolce Gabbana style

Isabel and Lucio fell in love in Sicily years ago and it was a natural decision to plan a destination wedding here. The bride and groom’s wish was: “We want to show the real Sicily to our international guests”.

The choice of wedding venue was the fascinating city of Taormina, rich in culture and places to discover that have been the setting for fashion shows, film festivals, and luxury events from all over the world. The wedding was truly Made in Sicily with handmade invitations, Caltagirone ceramic wedding favors, and Sicilian puppet decorations at the Sicilian Cart. Carretto Siciliano is the symbol of folklore and craftsmanship. It represents the desire and the search for the beauty of the Sicilian people, due to its nature as a practical means of transport used before for work. Today it is admired as a stunning work of art and is often used as a wedding vehicle.  These Sicilian-themed wedding ideas definitely made our big day extra special. The involvement of the bride allowed me to offer a truly studied and measured approach to planning the wedding in all the details of the ceremony and reception.

Wedding Planning styling and designed by Agnes Edith

Photography  credits: @elabphotographers

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Prewedding Engagement in Taormina

Real Wedding Sicily

Weddings 2022

Dolce Vita Proposal

My lovely, couple I met in 2020 in Taormina, Italy. They were on their summer vacation in Grand Hotel Timeo Belmond in Sicily.  To make a long story short- it was like a movie, to say the least. We had an instant connection and committed to an over two-year long-planning engagement and lavish wedding day.

Enjoy this pre-wedding love story, astonish Taormina views, and dolce vita – Italian iconic symbols such as fiat 500 and scooter Vespa. So happy to design and plan each month this over-the-top amazing Italian Destination Wedding in amazing Sicily.


Planning and styling by Agnes Edith

Photography  credits: @elabphotographers

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Wedding in Sicily

Weddings 2021

Real Wedding Enchanted Forest Fairy Tale

A romantic real wedding and engagement in the beautiful Italian city of art: Syracuse in Sicily.
Vlad asked Bridget to get married in front of the Cathedral-Duomo in the beautiful historical center of Ortigia and the ceremony was to be organized there. The thought of spending more than 1 year planning an international wedding in this fabulous historic Italian city like Syracuse was such an exciting prospect. Especially since a destination wedding from New York means multicultural guests from different continents. Guests came from NY, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, and Asia. Some of them had never visited Sicily, now become one of their favorite regions of Italy.

The historic center of Ortigia proved to be perfect for an engagement and romantic wedding ceremony. In the surroundings, there are many quiet and beautiful places, various streets overlooking the sea, beaches or countryside, cellars, villas, and castles. The planning wedding inspiration contest of the Bridget & Vlad ceremony was based on their love story in Siracusa and decorations in an enchanting forest style. The Spouses and guests got an experience path in an enchanting Middle Age Castle with its ancient garden. The Wedding was vibrant, colorful, and generous with its natural beauty. How do you plan a real wedding? If you can’t wait to get married in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, you know now a new corner of paradise.


Planning and styling by Agnes Edith

Photography  credits:  NY

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Natasha & Carlo

Real Wedding Sicily

Weddings 2021

Real Wedding in Taormina Chic Vibes

Natasha & Carlo, a real wedding in Taormina on a sunny June day. Natasha is from Moscow and Carlo is from Switzerland. They meet each other in Zurich where they had been working on the same company project. They spent a vacation together and completely fell in love immersed in the beauty of Taormina and so they decided to organize an intimate wedding.

They were looking for a “Luxury event but with special Sicilian moods” and not a typical  “pink wedding”. Natasha loves Italy and Italian fashion. Russian and Swiss guests enjoyed the Michelin stars cuisine and the best pastry in Taormina. There were more champagne bottles than guests! That’s amore!



Wedding planner Agnes Edith
Photography @Nino Gullotti

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Real Weddings Sicily

Weddings 2021

The Rustic Beach Wedding in Tonnara di Scopello

Ashley & Tyler and their rustic beach real wedding in Tonnara di Scopello on a September day. They are from the United States and their guests are from LA, New York, Rome, and Canada. The wedding days such as rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony reception, and the fun day after the trip was amazing!

Thanks to the good weather on the first and third day of the celebration were all performed excellently. During a site visit, they completely fell in love with the Tonnara di Scopello and its beauty and so they decided to plan their intimate wedding here. The bride and groom wanted something out of the shell “elegant but rustic” and not an event as usual.

They didn’t want a hotel or a commercial resort.


Wedding Planner Agnes Edith
Photography credits: Giuseppe Marano

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Bebè & Fabrizio

Real Wedding in Sicily

Weddings 2021

Luxury Rustic Glam Wedding Event

The Real Wedding Bebè & Fabrizio was in Ragusa a pretty Sicilian town on a sunny day in September. They completely fell in love with Sicily, and its beauty and decided to have an intimate destination wedding. They wanted a natural “really elegant and rustic” ceremony.

It was a real lavish international wedding along three continents. The ceremony was planned in 3 languages, Italian, English, and Chinese. The day before the event, a welcome dinner in the middle of baroque Ragusa Ibla was arranged, and on the last day, the guest enjoyed a brunch on the sea coast. That was a fantastic Mediterranean experience for all!


Planner Agnes Edith @luxuryweddingsicily
Photography credits: Martina Botti

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