Italy – A destination of Love!!

Italy is a country where creativity and passion unite. It’s a country where love surmounted war when Mark Antony pledged himself to Cleopatra and in the present-day Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma took their wedding vows. It’s a country where Michelangelo breathed life into Pieta! Home to the world’s finest architecture, art, and gastronomy, Italy is one of the most popular places in the world to have a destination wedding. A wedding in Italy is not planned, it is designed! Be prepared to let passion overtake you in the spectacular city of Rome or unite your souls on the glittering city of Venice. Make promises of love in romantic Tuscany or watch the mountains plunge into the sea as you commit to each other at the Amalfi coast; your options for a destination wedding in Italy are numerous. Alpine mountains, gentle valleys, rugged clifftops, icy glaciers, verdant forests, and calm lakes showcase nature’s diversity that Italy is blessed with. The simple yet soul-stirring culinary delights will take you for an ambrosial food odyssey that you have never experienced. Style permeates everything in Italy whether it’s an intricately designed dress or a well-finished expresso. A destination wedding in Italy is a dream that many see and you shall live!

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Growth of Hindu weddings in Italy!

In the last few years, we have seen a growing demand for Hindu wedding ceremonies and receptions in Italy. With our many years of experience, we have become experts at creating spectacular and lavish Indian weddings. We have a long list of contacts throughout all regions that specialize in ceremonies, décor, food, and entertainment for all types of traditional Indian weddings in Italy.

Indian weddings are usually large affairs with many guests.

Many of the weddings we’ve done had a large number of guests and many lasted 3 days with multiple events including Mehndi, Sangeet, a traditional Hindu ceremony known as the Mandap Ceremony! An Indian wedding is based on 5 Human values (Sathya – Truth, Dharma – Right Conduct, Shanthi – Peace, Prema – Love, Ahimsa – Non-Violence) and we know there is one undercurrent – LOVE. Because of these festive traditions, we suggest that the best region for a large wedding is Sicily due to the variety of options, and a large number of capacity. The island of Sicily is filled with large and spacious indoor and outdoor wedding locations. From vineyard style ranches to hilltop castles and rustic-chic villas, there is no shortage of space and staff who are fully equipped to host a lavish Indian wedding in Italy. Depending on the region, the ideal months to celebrate an Indian wedding in Italy are from June to September.
We know that the key to Indian wedding décor is color, sparkle, and attention to detail detail detail!

Distinctive Italy Weddings works with the best florists and decorators to ensure that we use the brightest reds, golds and jewel tones with the freshest florals. We find that the rustic and Mediterranean Italian venues complement the traditional Indian style’s bright décor. Sometimes couples opt for a mix of Italian accents and an Indian color palette, while others prefer to have one event in a traditional Indian style and the other infusing Italian and local elements.
We have experience in creating everything from the table setting, to the ceremony aisle, to the seating chart, using just the right palettes, textures and designs. We make sure to pay serious attention when designing Mandaps by making sure it takes full advantage of the breathtaking landscapes that Italy offers. We provide exclusive services for the ceremony, including Hindu priests and various symbolic, civil or religious options.


And no Indian Big-Fat wedding is complete without delicacies.

Italy is a country known for its cuisine, so of course, we have countless catering contacts should couples want a typical and local menu. However, many couples request the flavorful, traditional dishes from India. When we understand which type of menu the couple desires, we advise accordingly. We have worked with mixed cuisine and fusion menus and also traditional delicacies – nothing is off the table for us.