YEARS OF PLANNING MAKE EXPERIENCE, but Passion, Innovation, and Style make the difference

When it comes to your destination wedding in Italy, without a doubt, you need an international Wedding Planner in Italy. It would be best to have someone passionate about weddings to organize and handle things while you’re not around.

We said passionate because Italy is a place of love. A destination wedding in Italy should reflect that, and only someone passionate enough about weddings can make that happen.

Here are some other important reasons you need to have a wedding planner in Italy, helping you manage and coordinate your wedding’s details.

wedding planner in italy

Wedding Planner Will Be Your Point of Contact

So, your florist tells you they have all your flowers ready, but you’re not there to check that they’re the right color. What happens when you show up, and they are not? With a wedding planner on ground, you can avoid that.

Vendors and services are more apt to take things seriously when they have an available and physically accessible point of contact. That person can be your wedding planner in Sicily. They’ll also work to get you the best deals and make sure you aren’t being fleeced. Try as you may, you won’t be able to tell this over just video calls from far away. You stand a better chance with someone on ground.

Your wedding planner in Italy will also help you confirm that your venue is just like you’ve seen online. If there are any rules and regulations that you need to be aware of, they’ll let you know too.

Wedding planners know how to take the vision you have for your wedding and bring it to reality. So, don’t be afraid to share with them exactly what you mean and feel. They’ll be like your best friends when it comes to your wedding.


A Passionate Wedding Planner Will Bring the Right Energy to Your Wedding

The beauty, art, and energy of a wedding in Sicily are different from others. You need someone who is based in Italy to bring that energy into your wedding. A destination wedding is different from other kinds of weddings in that way. You get a chance to celebrate yourselves while incorporating the beauty of your surroundings. It’s what your guests will be looking forward to.

A wedding planner based in Italy will be able to help you do this. They’ll know the right kind of décor, services, and even food choices that will bring this to the forefront at your ceremony. They’ll also know what vendors to meet that will help to help make this happen.

Favor Passion and Innovation Over Experience

When it comes to planning your wedding in Sicily, experience should not be too much of a criterion for you. If you ask us, it could even be a disadvantage. You need someone that has fresh passion and is up to date with innovations for your wedding.

They should also be able to study class and style so that they can plan a great wedding for you. You don’t want your wedding looking like a scene from a 1960’s movie with dreary décor and lighting. Your planner should be able to transfer the Italian mood, style, and class to your celebration while keeping things modern so that you can have fun.

Italian weddings are not only for those with old souls. It can be modern and fun too. All you need is a wedding planner who is passionate and dedicated to your event’s success. A wedding planner could have many years of planning, but without passion, innovation, and style, they wouldn’t be able to make the difference at your celebration.


If you’re looking for a wedding planner to bring that passion, style, and innovation to your wedding, you should contact me, professional planner. Here at Luxury Weddings Sicily, your celebration is of utmost importance to us. We’ll make sure that you have a wedding to remember. If you’re ready to get started with your Italian destination wedding planning, you should reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.