1. Where to plan a rustic wedding in Italy?

Choosing one theme for your rustic wedding in Italy is a challenging task; particularly because there are tons of Italian wedding inspirations out there! But fret not, you can not go wrong with a rustic wedding theme. Rustic wedding Italy is pretty, easy to style, and works with every season; from bright summer days to cozy winter nights.

At Sicily Wedding Italy, rustic wedding themes are a specialty – so we are here to share our expertise with you. Here are our top 5 advices on how to plan a Pinterest-worthy rustic wedding Italy.

So, let’s get started.


Choosing the right venue for your rustic wedding can make all the difference. Picking the venue that complements your wedding theme is the most important part of the whole process. So, venues that feature natural outdoors, neutral color palettes, organic materials, barks, and fiber, etc. are an ideal option for your rustic wedding Italy.

Rustic weddings also portray a causal feel, so natural outdoors with the farm, country or garden-like features and textures such as barns, ranches or mountain lodges are a perfect fit for a rustic day. There are many diverse regions and venues that give a rustic feeling in Italy; however, that depends on your idea of a rustic wedding.

One of the best places to plan a rustic wedding is the southern part of Italy. Known as the traditional region of Italy, Southern Italy features medieval towns, baroque architecture, islands and beaches, hillsides and turquoise seas, and the great outdoors perfect for your big day.

You can choose a classic Mediterranean landscape such as the Amalfi Coast (Positano, Sorrento, Capri), Basilicata (famous stone town Matera) of Puglia (Lecce, Arcobello); a voluptuary blend of natural beauty and cultural fascination. The awe-inspiring terrains include orchards, pastures, and vineyards that feature authentic rural villages and enchanting scenery of the vibrant waters. Or you can choose Sicily well-known for its vibrant culture, rustic architecture, quaint towns, and breathtaking landscapes that feature glorious sandy beaches and lush green fields.

Moreover, the décor for rustic weddings includes natural elements such as burlap, wood, fruits, and wildflowers. And these venues offer a perfect blend of mismatched items for your big rustic day.

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2. Why Sicily is best idea for rustic Italian wedding

Known as the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is home to beautiful and romantic beaches that feature a rich culture, unique architecture, artistic spots, delicious cuisines, and spectacular shorelines. Most importantly, Sicily is less crowded than Amalfi Coast or Tuscany, so you can bring a less touristy feel to your big day.

Planning your dream rustic wedding Italy can be a huge expense. But worry not! Sicilian luxury venues are extremely affordable. You can create a beautiful rustic wedding well under 7000$ dollars. Get in touch with a professional rustic wedding expert to plan your big day now.

One thing that can make or break your day is the weather forecast. Because rustic weddings generally feature the great outdoors, you definitely do not want to flood your reception and ruin your expensive white dress. Sicily offers good weather conditions throughout the year so you can create a stress-free event.

There are many rural places in the historical regions of Catania, Modica, Palermo, and Siracusa that make perfect wedding venues throughout the year. Wonder through the honey-kissed southern towns and discover the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea such as the Aeolian Islands or the Aegadian Islands as you say yes to the love of your life. There is a whole range of colors and moods to choose from for your big day.

Sicily is the absolute heaven for food lovers; the local delights offered by top-notch Italian chefs and catered through homemade bakery products such as pasta and sweets, and organic vegetable gardens. These incredible cuisines are sure to make your guests fall in love with the atmosphere, colors, and kitchen of Sicily.

Not to mention, Sicilian rustic weddings produce incredible photos for you to cherish throughout life, and the stunning scenery, outdoor museums, baroque art cities, middle-age castles, and rustic architecture provide endless opportunities for you to get the photo you have always dreamed of.


3. How to choose the perfect rustic wedding venue in Italy?

Let your personality shine through your wedding venue. To create a perfect rustic wedding Italy, choose a venue that features an elegant vineyard, a romantic barn or an urban loft. The natural Italian venues such as country estates in Dimora, Masseria, Tonara and Sicily are all appealing venues that offer green spaces for a ceremony and outdoor reception.

If you are looking for an indoor ceremony followed by an outdoor reception, then you can choose world’s most beautiful Italian churches such as Basilica or Milan Duomo for blessing followed by a rustic reception at a countryside fish village or sea view Tonara.

If you want to experience all the colors of the Italian wedding spectrum, then you can also book a venue with authentic kitchen and high level of organic ingredients prepared by best Sicilian chefs. Under the Tuscan sun, food is the way of life and since weddings are all about food and wine, make your wedding an unforgettable event by choosing organic food options and in-house catering. Impress your guests with mouth-watering organic wines immersed in olives and citrus fruits.

If you are an international couple flying to Italy for your big day, do not forget to book hotel accommodations and tourist attractions for your guests. You can find affordable luxury accommodations near your chosen venue.


4. How much cost a rustic venue in Italy?

The cost of your favorite rustic wedding Italy venue depends on various factors. Most commonly, there are two types of wedding venues; that are:

  1. With accommodation; and
  2. Only rental space for ceremony and reception

Of course, if you choose a rustic wedding venue with accommodation for your guests, you should expect a higher cost compared to rental space for ceremony and reception.

Moreover, the cost of a rustic wedding venue also depends on whether the venue offers in-house catering. If your chosen rustic venue provides in-house catering, then you can choose from one of their packages for a wedding dinner, wedding brunch, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, etc. The cost of each package depends on the number and quality of service they offer. The number one benefit of in-house catering venues is that they are hassle-free; you do not have to stress about caterers and vendors etc., and you can find affordable rates.

However, you cannot create a personalized wedding through in-house catering. If you want to create achieve your vision of a rustic wedding, then you can hire an external banqueting company that offers a good menu choice with rustic table and chair options and other services such as rustic plates, vintage cutlery, and heavy wine glasses.

If you are not sure about the various venue options, then you can hire a wedding planner to book a venue perfectly tailored for your needs and budget. Your professional wedding planner can advise you on the most costly and comfortable rental rustic venues with and without accommodation, and the cost of catering, vendors, or any other required services.

Generally, people book wedding spaces with 10 to 20 rooms for 2 to 3 nights; however, this option is ideal for couples with a budget of over €45,000,00. Again, the cost may vary depending on the standard of venue, location of the venue, services offered, and policy of the venue owners. If you do not have that kind of budget, then you can book a wedding venue without accommodation and ask your guests to book accommodations nearby the venue. That can cost you around €30,000.00. But again, there are a lot of things that dictate the price of your venue.

There are many options. One of the best things that you can do is look online for wedding inspiration and venues, then share your vision of a perfect rustic wedding with your wedding planner. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding venue, but your wedding planner can work on all the little details such as caterers, vendors, décor, florals, etc. to ensure that you and your guests do not go home disappointed.

Remember that your venue manager is not your wedding planner. You need to hire a professional to do the job as per your dreams.

5. Why do you need a wedding planner help for rustic wedding in Italy?

If you are not a local and you are planning a rustic wedding in Italy, then your best option is to hire a professional wedding planner to assist you throughout the planning. Planning a rustic wedding is hard, but planning a destination wedding is even harder. But the right wedding planner can easily transform your vision to life starting from your dream venue to organizing the transfers for bookings to guest accommodations to pre and after-wedding assistance and coordination.

Moreover, local wedding planners understand and know the local culture, vendors, artists, musicians, rentals, entertainment options, costs, etc. Not only that, a professional wedding planner knows how to create a rustic mood with a rustic menu and wine, furniture and décor, music and entertainment, and vintage vehicles for you.

If you want to wow your guests with your big rustic wedding in Italy, then hire a professional wedding planner now.


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