Destination Wedding Italy

The wedding day is undoubtedly the most precious day in the life of any individual. Everybody wants to make it the most memorable day of their life. What can be a better way to make it a treasure in the mind’s eye other than having a destination wedding. But it may seem challenging for couples to arrange everything at a distant land.

You never know what the challenges over there will be. But to make your wedding more comfortable, think about an international planner and Luxury Wedding Sicily is always beside you. Get in touch with us to plan a unique wedding event and you simply enjoy your special day. Here is a list of few things to ponder upon, before planning a destination wedding.

Select unexplored destination wedding venues in Sicily

Go for a place you have never seen or explored before. But are you still confused about which place to choose? We will help you select a new unexplored place, that will always be an adventure. If any place is there on your wish list just get in touch with Luxury Wedding Sicily to ensure that your wedding becomes a grand one at that new place.

Choose the place as per the time of the year for weddings in Sicily

Getting married on the shore of the Caribbean during a hurricane season or changing rings on the beaches of Jamaica in shivering cold winter may turn out to be fatal. Thus, it is important you choose the destination depending upon the time you are getting married. Consult  Agnes of  Luxury Wedding Sicily to select the right place and time. The best is to get married in Sicily from the period between June to September as the weather is extremely pleasant.

Little Things do matter for your wedding abroad

Make a list of items that you can’t live without. These small things shouldn’t hamper your fun. Basic items like your lens or specs, lens solutions, emergency medicines, or other things which are a daily requirement for you. Make sure you have all of them handy at the wedding venue.

May Avoid Dressing Woes – Wedding gown in Sicily

Carry the wedding gown with you while you are traveling. Though chances are less you can’t completely ignore the probability of your luggage getting displaced. Either put your wedding gown in hand luggage or another best way is to find your perfect bridal dress with us.
Our Sicilian Ateliers can make any kind of bridal gown. Sicilian designers could even provide you haute couture wedding gowns at a very affordable price. Those are completely made in Italy. You can even customize your dress as per the wedding venue with the help of our designers.

Procrastination may ruin the fun

If you feel you have the tendency to procrastinate things, then always get in touch with Luxury Wedding Sicily in advance to get things sorted beforehand. You should not risk keeping the to-do list to be done at the end moment. Be it booking flight tickets, or booking the hotel or venue, you should not wait for the penultimate moment to come. We will be happy to take all the responsibilities and ensure everything happens on time. To be on the safer side, it is always better to book the venue for at least a year (12 months) before the wedding day and if you are planning your wedding on a weekend, it is better to book it a year and a half before.

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Lack of Contingency Plans

Always keep in mind and keep a backup plan to handle an emergency. Always have the contact of the embassy with you and have a clear idea of where to go in case of any medical emergency or legal issues, Luxury wedding Sicily.

Bilking Your Guests

If your bridesmaids have more of a Budweiser budget than a champagne one, you should ensure that the planning doesn’t hamper that. Any vacation – demands saving up the dough and to arrange for time off work. Remember, your guests should have an estimate of how much they need to spend. Feel free to ask our team about the estimated budget.

Don’t overspend

It is always fascinating to spend a lot on wedding, but remember you are about to start a new life in a couple of days. But Luxury Wedding Sicilywill ensures that your wedding happens at an affordable price. The professional wedding planner will surely help you out to get the right solution so that you don’t overspend yet the quality is maintained.

Avoid mad rush

Don’t reach the venue on the same day as the wedding. Give yourself some time and space to get synced with the place, thus always reach a couple of days before the special day.

Consider the legalities

Various countries have various laws for the wedding, and you may not be well versed in them. It is very essential that you dig deeper and know well how the legalities work in different countries. Be it civil wedding or religious ceremony, one needs at least 8 months to complete all the paper works. But if you choose Sicily, we will take care of all the legalities and preparations.
Thus, with Luxury Wedding Sicily beside you, you can enjoy your special day, because be it legal aspects or making the arrangements for the venue, we are all up to make your special day deeply engraved in your memory.