Sicily Weddings Paradise is an island in Italy that offers the widest range of locations to suit all budgets. It really has something for everyone. You can celebrate your wedding on amazing beaches, near the river, the mountain, the city, or the countryside. You name it, Sicily has it all. The rest: good food, good weather, goes without saying. This is a question I am asked quite a lot.

Best time to get married in Sicily


Sicily can guarantee you amazing weather 80% of the time but even a beautiful Sicilian day can be too much. Many couples choose to get married in the summer-time (June, July, and August). Summer-time, as lovely as it may be, in Sicily is hell! The heat can be literally unbearable and can make your wedding day quite uncomfortable. If you really want to go for a summer wedding then celebrate during the evening. Have the ceremony at about 6 PM when the sunset is starting to kick in, with an evening reception when the lovely night breeze will feel so nice on your skin. If you can, get the wedding location decorated with candles,
it will be so perfect. Winter times (December, January, February) are, in my opinion, underestimated. Everything is cheaper for a start due to the low demand and depending on where you want to get married, you can get romantic snow to frame your wedding day making it so unique.
Spring and Autumn seasons are in my opinion, the absolute best. It’s not too hot and you can even have an outdoor wedding during the day if you prefer to. The only thing you should consider is choosing a reception place that will be equipped for any possible change of weather. So if you are planning an outdoor reception and it starts to rain on the day of your wedding, you can always move inside. Spring and Autumn can be unpredictable weather-wise.

The natives of Sicily


In most places, especially in big cities like Palermo or Catania, people do speak English. Of course, if you want to go to villages, it gets tricky. Especially when it comes to dealing with the marriage officiants if you are going for a religious wedding or for a civil wedding. Hiring Luxury Weddings Sicily will be a great help when it comes to planning your wedding and helping you sort out the practical side of the ceremony itself. In any case, the Sicilians are very adaptable and welcoming using their body language to make you understand, you can be sure they’ll help you either way.

How hard is it to get married in Sicily?

The beauty of Sicily is that you can get amazing places just about anywhere. Because it holds so much history there isn’t a place that hasn’t got that typical Italian beauty. Every place is different.
Unfortunately, this is the only limitation of getting married in Sicily. Although it’s not impossible to organize the paperwork and legal side of things, it is, in fact, a long and stressful process. But not for you, Luxury Weddings Sicily can organize each and everything for you. This is the reason why so many couples are going more and more for symbolic weddings which gives them the freedom to get married wherever you want and however you want. The only limit is that it doesn’t hold any legal boundaries. This is why many couples prefer to have a small legal wedding at home and then organize a symbolic one with all the gang abroad. One piece of advice, make sure your guests don’t know you already got married otherwise they wouldn’t feel it is ’real’.

A wedding in Sicily is not just a wedding


When it comes to weddings abroad, the couple and usually the close friends and family fly over a few days prior to the wedding day, making it a week-long holiday. The way I look at it is that this is probably the only time you are going to spend some quality time abroad with all your family, use it! Don’t make it just about the wedding day. Sicily can offer so much more for everyone.