ANCIENT GREEK INSPIRATION for your luxury wedding in Sicily

An ancient greek wedding idea planned by Luxury Wedding Sicily;  original, non-standard, stylish, lively weddings in Sicily for years. Weddings on luxury yachts or in luxury villas and the castles, palaces, ceremonies in centuries-old catholic and orthodox churches and by the majestic ruins of ancient monuments, a wedding on the Eolienne Islands or in the mainland of Sicily, weddings under the water or up in the air with me the organization of weddings in Sicily is raised to a new level. Today I would like to share with you my favorite idea for an original symbolic ceremony. Do you imagine your astonished symbolic ceremony with an outstanding backdrop? Sicilian venues offer luxury spaces in open-air museums like Ancient Archeological Park in Agrigento or Selinunte. Luxury Wedding Sicily can book for you special celebrants for an ancient Greek wedding ceremony and tailor your setting design: like ancient costumes, flowers&decor to your needs.

Greek’s heritage between the Gods and myths

Immerse yourselves in the beautiful Greek’s heritage between the Gods and myths. The marriage ceremony in Ancient Greece was made up of three different phases: the Wedding Rituals Begin, the Banquet Hall, The Unveiling, and the Procession. There are so many Greek marriage rites like a bridal ceremonial bath of holy water or the bride would also offer special sacrifices, such as locks of hair, to the goddess Artemis. Artemis could offer a smooth transition from the bride’s life as a child to her new status as a married woman. Sometimes the bride would make sacrifices to Hera to align her new marriage with the divine nature of the gods and goddesses. The bride and groom would also make offerings to the goddess Aphrodite so that she would ensure their coupling would create healthy children. When I think about it I begin to understand why contemporary bride and groom are still superstitious!


Ancient greek wedding idea