WEDDING TRENDS FOR Luxury Ceremonies in Sicily

Wedding trends evolve year after another. This means that the way a certain wedding is done now will be very different from the one that will be done a few months from now. When it comes to luxury wedding planning trends, all the ideas lead to wedding décor, fashion components, floral, wedding accessories, and many more…

One of the most interesting things about these trends is that they are based on clients’ unique tastes and likings. So the idea here is to know what you want and with the help of my international service of Wedding Planner based in Italy, you can incorporate these interesting luxury wedding trends into your wedding. I have put together some of the top interesting trends in luxury wedding planning to give you an insight as you plan your wedding.

  1. Luxury Wedding Style
  2. Luxury Wedding Accessories
  3. Wedding floral
  4. Luxury Bridal gown
  5. Wedding cakes
  6. Wedding decors


1. Luxury Wedding Style

There are so many luxury wedding styles for you to choose from. Some choose traditional weddings, beach weddings, vintage weddings, indoor weddings, outdoor weddings, modern weddings, and many more. Depending on your taste and liking, you should aim at having something that will offer total enjoyment and fulfillment.

The style you choose for your wedding should be unique and interesting. The venue is one of the key trends in luxury weddings. People are now choosing unique places for their wedding. Each person has a unique taste and liking. Therefore a more personalized approach is being preferred over the traditional luxury wedding planner style.

2. Luxury Wedding Accessories

Another interesting trend is in luxury wedding accessories. Wedding invitations are among the top wedding accessories that have improved. The use of deckled edges, watercolors, copper foiling, and gold foiling are just some of the notable trends in wedding invitations. Custom design on envelopes is another awesome trend that is quickly taking shape. The e-invitation by a dedicated couple’s web site is a rising trend to inform events, RVSP, gallery, and registry.

3. Luxury Wedding Flowers

Flower styles are changing every day and certainly by season. There are no restrictions on the flower choices you make for your wedding. That is why you will find flowering composed of grass or wheat, interesting huh?

Everything from the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, church flowers, cake flowers, corsages, table center flowers to reception flowers, should rhyme with your wedding theme. Not sure where to start on choosing luxury wedding flowers? Get in touch with me, Agnes Edith a recommended destination wedding planner to assist you.

4. Luxury Bridal Gowns

People are nowadays becoming more creative when it comes to bridal gowns. They are a shift from traditional luxury wedding gowns and people are choosing more interesting materials for their bridal gowns. Feather designs are in demand because they look very interesting and unique, You are looking at a Bridal gown near to you but give a look to Sicilian stylists perfectly tuned with this island background. Do you know that Mr. Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana fashion house was born in Sicily?

5. Luxury Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes have changed from traditional fondant and fruit to a more towering work of art. Creativity in wedding cakes is on a high level whereby the cakes come covered with brush strokes, dripped icing to edible flowers.

6. Wedding Décor

This is also another interesting trend in wedding planning. Wedding décor ideas are vast especially in this new era of Instagram. People are now open to varieties and choices. Having a tailored approach and look for wedding décor is what most people want nowadays.

Something that feels fresh and creative is more preferred than a more typical wedding look. For awesome ideas about wedding décor, it is important to seek the help of an experienced luxury wedding planner.

Together with my wedding on a budget in Sicily, we can incorporate these luxury wedding trends and have an awesome and unique luxury wedding.

Don’t stress yourself too much; get in touch with me a pro-Luxury attentive Wedding planner based in Sicily.