ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Legal requirements for weddings in Italy

Italy has always been one of the favorite spots for many couples for their destination wedding. Be it a destination wedding or not, one always tries their best to make the day most precious in every possible aspect. And what can be a better choice for someone other than Luxury Weddings Sicily, one of the most renowned wedding planners in the country? Known for its elegant planning, Luxury Weddings Sicily has proved its expertise in wedding planning for people across the globe. Be it British royal wedding style or Indian grand wedding style, there is hardly any other planner who can execute the plan as per the way of LWS. They are even well versed with various rules and regulations of the wedding of countries across the globe. And, with no exception, they even abide by all the legal requirements weddings Italy when it comes to arranging your event. Here is a quick look at the legal scenario for civil weddings in Italy.

Italian rules abide by a divorced or widowed woman from marrying for the upcoming 300 days. This law has been mandated to ensure the woman isn’t pregnant with another man’s child, as it may result in a paternity suit. The divorcee needs to produce previous marriage certificate(s) and Decree Absolute(s) depending on how many times he/she has married before and for a widow or widower, the death certificate and marriage certificate for your previous spouse needs to be produced. Every couple getting married in Italy will need a NullaOsta, a certificate of No Impediment which is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of your country of origin here in Italy.

If you are from different countries, each of you needs to apply for your NullaOsta from your country of origin and in some cases, there are different forms for you to complete. But this is the mandatory document for anybody getting married here. One of the most astonishing parts is the marriage of underage couples with the consent of their parents. A citizen of New Zealand or underaged couple can tie the knot with written permission from their parents.

All they need is two witnesses for their marriage who will be adults. It is always better to have an interpreter while getting married in Italy as there will be a Verbal Declaration at the town hall where you are going to get married and where your documents are checked and you also confirm that there are no impediments in the marriage according to the Italian Civil Code.

Why Luxury Wedding Sicily?

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