Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. One of the reasons is because it is often a new experience for couples. They also often have to organize this new big project while continuing other aspects of their lives.

To make things easier, people often choose to work with industry professionals. These professionals could be a wedding planner coordinator. They have lots of experience in planning a wedding and can help make the process less stressful.

There is a massive difference between the services that a wedding planner and an in-house venue manager. This article gives you a glance at the services provided by wedding planners and venue managers. It will help you decide on which to go for when it comes to your destination wedding in Italy.


Wedding Planners in Italy help you personalize your big day and plan on the budget. They are often in charge of a “bespoke wedding event planning and design”. This includes decor, music, lights, photographer, beauty service, guest management, and transportation. They basically handle the whole wedding event, including mood and theme.

The most important duty of a wedding planner is to make sure “your wedding management, ceremony, and reception” are flawless, and your event goes well.

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Unlike the wedding planner, the venue manager’s job description includes only ensuring all of the venue related tasks are respected. He or She is not the wedding coordinator but only the venue manager.

All the in-house venue manager has to do is make sure the “venue” is flawless. They also ensure that there are no damages and that the couple does not go over the renting time. They make sure that the event goes well limited as per contract terms.

The venue in-house manager’s tasks are not the same as a wedding planner.  If you’re having a DIY wedding, the in-house venue coordinator is for you. There is a different level of involvement and attention that a venue coordinator provides when compared to a wedding planner. The in-house manager will make sure that you buy the adds-on, offer some sub-supplier list (often with hidden over-charges), and take care of your guests’ needs like a special menu or washroom.

However, if you want your whole event to be flawless and beautifully executed, you must hire an independent wedding planner. She will serve you the best in your allocated budget.

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Should You Go for A Wedding Planner or A Venue In-House Manager?

Let’s Resume in Short: A Wedding Planner is responsible for everything. Your wedding planner works as a consultant and handles everything related to your venue, vendors, and the wedding day. She ensures everyone is in the right place at the right time and knows what needs to be done. A wedding planner will be with you at your offsite ceremony, coordinating your guests.

Many brides and grooms don’t think about how much happens before they arrive at the venue. There’s the beauty service: Hair and makeup, photos, and video of your bridal backstage and getting everyone from the hotel to the church. These are just a few of the things that happen beforehand.

Venue Manager: A venue manager is responsible for the venue and cares for the interest of the venue. They have to make sure the venue abides by your contract and manage the operations.

If the venue is providing in-house catering services, a venue coordinator oversees the catering staff and the menu service. Since a venue coordinator’s focus is on the operations, it is usual for them to leave the wedding party after the meal service is complete.

That’s why it’s so important to recognize the differences before choosing a kind of wedding planner service or venue manager help.


Adapt the Wedding Planner Help to Your Needs

One of the most important things you have to ask your wedding planner before hiring is whether she is a full-service wedding planner or partial wedding planner. Your destination wedding cost in Italy would be worth it if you hire professionals according to your needs.

Most of the wedding planners provide different services according to your requirements, including full-service planning, partial planning, and even just coordinating. Before hiring anyone for your big day, you should be educated about the different services and aspects of these services.

That’s what we’ve tried to do in this article, and we hope we’ve been of help. It is crucial to produce, manage, plan, and coordinate a wedding event, so be very particular about your requirements. Best of luck!!!

Here at Luxury Wedding Sicily, we believe that your wedding in Italy should be a hassle-free and memorable day. That’s why we’ve made wedding planning our passion and give it our very best. If you’re looking for a great wedding planner in Italy, you should contact us. We would love to hear from you.