COVID-19 Wedding in Italy in Summer 2020

Italy, having achieved great recovery from COVID-19 has resumed its normal social and metropolitan life. The reopening of restaurants, shopping centers, and businesses has rejuvenated the Italian city life. The difficult times inflicted by COVID-19 have been much of a self-exploratory and family-only experience. The post lockdown period has been enabling for many great things.

However, these times have not been lucrative for many aspects, social events, and tourism being the most affected. Grand sport global events such as the Tokyo Olympic Games, football, and the F1 Grand Prix have also suffered these consequences. As a result, weddings in Italy due to  COVID-19 lost its stature of being a grand social gathering causing loss to luxury Italian wedding destinations and wedding venues vendors in Italy.

Despite these issues, regions like Sicily due to very low COVID pandemic impact are proving to be the best tourist destination even this 2020 summer. Starting from the end of July and now in August, many localities are fully booked by Europeans.

Sicily is among the best wedding destinations in Italy and today the best spots for couples due to them being free from COVID-19 for 2021 events.

Getting Married in Italy 2021

We think positive and what good would be postponing a wedding until the next year only to organize it again without the guests because of the COVID-19 pandemic? The best course of action in this situation is to organize a destination wedding in Italy in the COVID-19 free regions. Being COVID-19 free, southern areas of Sicily top the list of Luxury Awesome Wedding Locations 2021. Due to the availability of COVID-Compatible wedding venues, wedding planners, and caterers Sicily is becoming the first choice of couples for weddings in Italy after COVID-19.

No-binding, book now  for 2021 wedding in Italy

Many 2020 weddings in Italy have fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic which means that there are a large number of couples planning a COVID free wedding in Sicily in 2021. This gives rise to the demand for luxurious wedding venues in Italy. Also, with so many people wanting to get married, arranging the best vendors will be a challenge.

These challenges will have results in overbooking forcing many local Italian couples to postpone their marriages further in 2021 and costly last minutes bookings. One of the best ways to get the dates and venue of your choice is to contact Agnes Edith the locally based international wedding planner in Italy,  based in Sicily who specializes in destination weddings.

The Perfect-Safe COVID 19 Destination Wedding

COVID-19  free Standardized Wedding Venue in Italy

The Italian Government permitted the arrangement of social gatherings from 13th June 2020, followed by a set of guidelines to be followed for a wedding in Italy after COVID-19.  According to these guidelines, it is preferable to have an open-air venue for the wedding. Luckily, there are many open-air churches and lawns for weddings in Sicily. The wide space of Sicily’s open-air venues allows the couples to arrange sitting arrangements according to the health guidelines maintaining a distance of 1 meter between the guests.

Best selected wedding Catering with Covid-19 precautions guidelines

To have a memorable and safe wedding in Italy after COVID-19 it is very important to keep a safety check on everything. Hygienic and organized catering is one of the most significant aspects of a COVID-19 free wedding in Sicily or all over Italy.

Everything to be used in catering should be made to disinfect and the staff should disinfect themselves at different intervals. You can organize a buffet-style meal for your guests but it should only be in the case where only waiters are allowed to touch and serve the food. The guests must keep a safe distance from the buffet except for the case if you have arranged single packaged meals.

Since Sicily is one of the best destination wedding spots all over Italy, many wedding venues are offering the best catering services. If the couples agree to add cocktails and drinks for their guests, safe distance serving is the only way, that too only by waiters.

Choose the Right Wedding Planner now!

Arranging a destination wedding in Italy after COVID-19 is still the dream of every couple. The Italian Government has taken a good hold of the situation. To maintain control, Italy was the first in adopting strong actions and precautions, they have produced these guidelines couples are going to follow. A destination chosen from luxury unique wedding destinations 2021 in Sicily requires a professional wedding planner to execute a perfect wedding post-COVID, applying at the same time strong precautions but feel them invisible in perfect Italian wedding style within the chic ceremony and perfect receptions.

You will need the wedding planner to be specialized in destination weddings to help you get the dates and venues of your choice in Sicily or anywhere in Italy. The planner’s job will be to help the couples create a relaxing atmosphere while efficiently utilizing open-air empty spaces for the guests.

Feel to contact Agnes for a free consultancy call or mail your doubt and wishes description.

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