Destination weddings are ideal for couples who love romanticism, traveling, and having adventures. If you are planning to escape to say I do, Italy is one of the most popular destinations for couples worldwide. It is a country full of perfect wedding sites, historical cities, and romantic scenarios. Possibilities are endless…. Destinations wedding in Italy offers snowy locations such as the Alps, miles of coastline with amazing Amalfi Coast, islands as iconic Capri, and the beautiful countryside with its lakes and vegetation. One of the most luxurious and famous destinations in Italy is Como Lake. The Best Destinations Wedding in Italy to discover is Sicily, an Island located in the south of the country, which offers a unique mix of European, Greek, Roman, and Arabic influence.  Ready to start planning your dreamed wedding? We have useful information for you to start planning the most exclusive and luxurious wedding. Destinations wedding in Sicily is a luxury affordable option for you.

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Wedding ceremony in Italy. What type of ceremony can we have?

Anyone can be married in Italy, and there is no residency requirement. You will need to provide a document that certifies your identity and certify that there are no legal obstacles to perform the marriage. Both must be 18 years old, and if under that age must have parental consent. Remember to contact the local marriage office in the city where your marriage will be performed.

Civil ceremonies can be celebrated in many wedding venues approved by the Italian authorities. Some Villas, gardens, and castles are approved. Consult with your wedding planner which venues are licensed for marriages in wedding season 2021.

You can also celebrate a religious ceremony. Catholic weddings are the only ceremonies that are legally performed without a civil ceremony. Churches of many other religions can be found around the country. Cristian, Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim are some examples. You can also have a legal ceremony at home and only perform a symbolic ritual in Italy. Contact us for any wedding-related service that you require www.luxuryweddingitaly.com.


Planning a wedding from another location often is a stressful process for couples. Destination weddings are an excellent option for intimate weddings and elopements, which are also in trend due to the current situation. But planning your dreamy fairy-tale wedding does not have to be hard if you let us guide you.

The best Destination Wedding in Italy to discover is Sicily. This beautiful wedding destination is known for its incredible weather most of the year. From late spring to early autumn, you can celebrate your wedding without worrying about the climate. Even the hot summer is a perfect season. Since Sicily is an island, you will have a fresh breeze along the coast. Spring is a lovely season to get married, with all the blooming flowers, citrus trees, and clear skies.

The first step is to set your budget, choose a style, date, and destination. Sicily is an island located in the central Mediterranean, with warm weather and distinctive hospitality. And what to say about Mediterranean cuisine. There are many different options for you to celebrate the best day of your life through the territory, for every budget and size. Here are some of the most luxury locations.

Destinations wedding Taormina

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The ideal location for a romantic wedding, it has anything from intimate to large venues. You can have Etna volcano and the Mediterranean as a backdrop. It is the most beautiful Italian town with breathtaking views. Taormina is the best destination wedding in Italy and perfect for luxury events.

Near to Taormina, you can also find Savoca, the place where the famous Godfather movie was filmed. A magical place with the classic Italian feel, tiny villages, original stone houses, and scenic roads. If you are looking to have an authentic Italian wedding and feel like a movie star, you should visit this enchanting town.

Destinations wedding Siracusa

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The Greeks founded this southeastern Sicilian city; you get the idea of the rich history found here. The best destination wedding in Italy yet to be discovered is the pearl of the baroque Syracuse and its historic center on the island of Ortigia. You can enjoy a relaxing and intimate Italian atmosphere. The historic center has a beautiful baroque cathedral, dreamy narrow streets, and ancient ruins. If you are looking to go back in time and tie the knot surrounded by centuries of history and delicious food, Siracusa is for you. Discover more about destinations wedding in fabulous Siracusa.

Destinations wedding Eolian Islands

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Are you looking for an exclusive and luxurious location for your big day? The Eolian archipelago will sweep you off your feet. It consists of seven unique islands; each offers a complete and secluded space for you and your guest. Lipari is the largest of them, and it has a Cathedral that overlooks the harbor, a beautiful place. Salina is a smaller island with a green and beautiful setting for you. It is known for its vineyards and cellars, a Mediterranean paradise.

So, there you have lots of options for your Italy wedding, and all you need to know is to start planning your dream wedding. If you need any help in the process, contact a good Italian wedding planner and organize your dream wedding, please do not hesitate, and contact us. We are a team of experts in the field. We are ready to be part of your celebration and your love story.  Discover the best destinations Wedding in  Italy – Eolian Islands will surprise your expectations!

The best destination wedding in Italy means a lot of beautiful ideas, places, and inspirations for your wedding day and pre-wedding celebrations. In Sicily, you can find an excellent choice of luxury venues and special places to see recommended by Vogue magazine.